Cover South Korean artist, Boree Hur created three artworks inspired by her travels to Miami, Florida

Seoul-based artist Boree Hur takes us on her pre-pandemic trip to Miami for Salvatore Ferragamo’s Pre-Fall 2021 campaign

In their floral-printed Tuscan Wildflowers collection, Salvatore Ferragamo captures the feeling of driving along winding roads of the Florentine countryside and watching the orange sun set upon the enchanting fields of poppies, daisies and sunflowers. In this spirit of celebrating nature and travel, the Italian fashion house took the opportunity to present the pre-fall 2021 garments with a collaborative Tuscan Wildflowers campaign to see the world through the lenses of six talented international artists.

Among the artists invited to share their travel diaries on Ferragamo's digital and social media platforms is South Korean painter, Boree Hur. Inspired by her visit to Ernest Hemingway’s workshop in Key West, an island south of Miami, Florida, she has created three stunning artworks featuring lilac perennial flowers, pink bougainvillea and bright yellow coneflowers.

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In this exclusive interview, Hur discusses her creative process, including her affinity for flowers, and what she misses most about travelling.

Why did you choose Miami for your artistic travel destination?

Miami was one of the last places I visited before the pandemic. I was on a cruise tour of the Bahamas, which set sail from Miami, so I didn’t expect to make a stop at Hemingway’s studio in Key West, where he wrote The Old Man and The Sea. I had always adored the simple message behind that novel but after visiting his studio and experiencing the atmosphere of the island, I felt like I gained a deeper understanding of his work.

I remember the inside of Hemingway’s studio was filled with hunting and fishing gear, which revealed so much about his hobbies and active personality. His writing philosophy was to create based on his lived experiences, and so my work was inspired by the vivid memory of this visit and the little flowers in every garden we passed on the way to his workshop.

At the beginning of this project, I was researching exotic flowers and I was drawn back to these flowers because they were far from anything that I have encountered in my daily life. I was intrigued by their unique shapes and could feel the energy radiating from their vibrant colour—I can remember the hot pink bougainvilleas and piercing yellow coneflowers all competing for my attention. 

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You are known for paintings flowers. Why are you drawn to them?

I always think about how humans lives are so similar to that of plants. Their shapes are so complex and ever-changing that they can overcome the wind and rain with their bodies, battle to soak up the nutrients in the soil, intertwine with others to happily meet the sun and bloom beautiful flowers.

It’s a life of passion and joy that I want to put on the canvas with brush strokes.

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How does it feel to be featured alongside talented artists Diego Cabezas, Marina Papi, Bijou Karman, Lucas Beaufort or Firenze Studio in this Ferragamo campaign?

It was interesting to be connected with these contemporary, international artists through this campaign. I personally loved the artwork from Bijou Karman and Diego Cabezas. All the creations contained the emotions of each artist’s travel experience; I felt like I had gone on that journey with them.

Due to the pandemic, I wasn’t able to meet them in real life but we got to know each other over social media.

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What do you miss most about travelling? 

These days, I take virtual trips to other countries on my phone, under my blanket. I miss the way my body feels when I arrive at a travel destination as it takes in the smells, the temperature and humidity… Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about traveling is the sound, hearing the unfamiliar tones and accents of a foreign language. Even the sound of the radio in a taxi to the hotel can be exciting and mysterious.

Most of all, I miss the opportunity to spend the days meeting new people and exploring new cultures, instead of chugging away at life like a runaway locomotive.

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Take a look at Salvatore Ferragamo's pre-fall 2021 Tuscan Wildflowers collection below: