From Y2K vintage gems such as the 1991 Thierry Mugler vampire dress to exclusive luxury designer pieces, costume designer Heidi Bivens makes use of the characters' clothes to reveal their state of mind

Following the success of the last season, HBO’s hit series Euphoria has once again made waves. The hit series has garnered the attention of the Gen Z crowd, many of whom relate to its raw portrayal of high school.

Dealing with pertinent issues such as drugs and trauma, the series has attained a cult following since the release of its first season in early 2019 which sparked a wave of makeup trends that replicate the show’s prominent abstract makeup looks. 

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This time, the iconic outfits worn by the characters this season have taken the spotlight on social media. According to the costume designer Heidi Bivens, the clothes are not just an outfit inspiration, but also serve as a reflection of each character’s personal development. As the season unravels, the character’s ongoing personal struggles are revealed to the audience through their outfits. 

From working with well-known designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier to building the costumes completely from scratch, Bivens has put together some very eye-catching outfits that have once again started a trend for its unique aesthetic. 

The ‘Euphoria High School’ outfit trend has amassed over 51 million views on TikTok so far. We take a look at the six most trendy outfits from Euphoria this season. 

1. Maddy's New Year Eve Outfit

Kicking off the list, we have Maddy's iconic New Year’s eve party outfit. Bivens described the character’s style this season as “darker, more mature and more vamp” as the character undergoes one of the greatest character developments this season. At the party, Maddy wore a cutout Black Damien Mini Dress from Los Angeles-based brand Akna, black LSD Embellished Satin Sandals by Amina Muaddi X AWGE and finished off the look with a pair of black Damien gloves from Akna too.  

2. Cassie's Oklahoma Outfit

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Photo: HBO
Above Photo: HBO Max

Of course, we could not leave out the iconic Oklahoma look—the outfit that gave us one of the funniest and most iconic scenes in the show. Cassie has an identity crisis while in a secret relationship with Nate, her best friend’s ex-boyfriend. Hoping to catch his eye at school, Cassie tries out an array of bold outfits one of which is the “country music star” outfit. The fully blue ensemble consists of a baby blue dress with floral prints and a tied up gingham shirt. The look, which was inspired by Dolly Parton, was custom made by Los Angeles designer Seth Pratt.

3. Faye's Y2K Outfit

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Photo: HBO
Above Photo: HBO

The ultimate scene-stealer of season two, newcomer Faye has definitely drawn attention for her vintage Y2K style which is currently popular amongst millennials. In this outfit, Faye wears a vintage denim pleated wrap skirt by Miss Sixty. Her cute aesthetic fits perfectly with her “airhead” personality and is truly an accurate depiction of the Gen Z style. Though she is not currently a major character in the show, her unique style makes her a perfect addition, as she fits right into the world of Euphoria

4. Kat's New Year Eve Outfit

This season, Kat had some of the best outfits. The character's wardrobe undergoes a drastic change from last season as the character learns to embrace her body. This look here is definitely one of our favourites from Kat. She rocks a dress from the brand Auné Collections, which designs made-to-order, size-inclusive clothing. The details of the matching sleeves are so intricate and add a smidge of finesse.

5. Lexi's Miu Miu Outfit

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Photo: HBO
Above Photo: HBO

This season, Lexi’s character undergoes major transformation which can be seen in the evolution of her wardrobe. One of our favourite looks from her this season is none other than the Miu Miu Plaid Mini Dress in Rosso as seen in the second episode. The modest collared dress is one of the many Miu Miu pieces Lexi wears this season. The black and red plaid dress is much bolder and more sophisticated than the character’s usual fashion. A simple yet trendy wardrobe outfit, we can’t wait to see more of Lexi’s evolving style.

6. Maddy's Birthday Outfit

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Photo: HBO

Another stunning look from Maddy Perez. This fashion icon pulls off every look of hers in the show flawlessly.

For her birthday bash, she wears a black dress accented with a pastel blue ruffle neckline. The stunning dress is from Marc Jacobs’ collaboration with Devon Lee Carson and as always, Maddy looks absolutely gorgeous in this outfit. 


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