The video game titled "Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow", is designed specifically for the fashion house's Fall '21 collection and will be set in the near future

Balenciaga will be introducing its Fall '21 collection in a video game titled, Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, marking yet another innovative approach of the fashion brand during the pandemic. The video game is designed specifically for this season and will be set in the near future, creating an allegorical adventure set in 2031.

Accessible and sharable from any device, the video game will be using the most advanced technology available for hosting. While much of the details are still under wraps, it will be an ambitious project from Balenciaga as the game is set to be the largest volumetric video project ever undertaken.

In designing the game's environments and characters, cutting edge photogrammetry is used to allow an in-depth look at the new collection and the projected future where it will hopefully be worn. The theme of the upcoming Fall '21 collection is "human destiny", and the interactive way it's being unveiled completes the gamified journey. As if that's not enough, a hero avatar will also be present throughout the game's distinct zones which will move upon tasks and interactions.

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Above Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow teaser

A dystopian setting might sound pessimistic but the narrative of Afterworld is taken from mythological pasts and projected into the future. So, though the visuals may appear in decay at first, it's not supposed to be an apocalyptic view, but rather showing the slow return to a healthier balance of nature and industry.

This feels especially fitting considering the hampering effects of the pandemic. In true gaming fashion, players who win the game will be rewarded in a real-life "breathing exercise" set in a virtual utopia.

This upgraded way to showcase collections follows Balenciaga's SS21 collection unveiling via a music video. The idea of moving to digital comes as a time when fashion houses need to find creative ways outside of catwalk presentations.

Play Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow here.

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