In a recently concluded launch held at the Aurelia Residences, designer Bea Valdes showcases her Holiday 2019 collection that is inspired by all things Filipino.

Designer Bea Valdes, who is known for her contemporary collections of bags, jewellery, and home décor has long been fascinated with Filipino craftsmanship. Globally renowned for her inspired use of natural materials, her works are proudly Filipino, infusing local artistry and aesthetics into world-class luxe items that have garnered a nod from international publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She embodies the modern ideals of gracious living, finding passion in her art and translating her ideas into understated and elegant masterpieces.

Stemming from her designs already inculcated in the interiors of Shangri-La Fort Hotel, it comes as no surprise when Bea created Sibol, a housewarming gift for the new homeowners of Aurelia Residences. Her piece is a bespoke woven centre piece that pays tribute to the concept of heritage. Sibol means 'wellspring', the source of continual inspiration that has its roots in the land and natural bounty of the country, enriched with a culture that is uniquely Filipino. Its woven natural materials form the shape of infinity, which signifies connections and the eternal circle of heritage that is enfolded in the value of working with our hands.

As Aurelia Residences celebrate Filipino craftsmanship and design with the inclusion of luxe elements inspired by the artistry of the traditional Barong Tagalog, it is the ideal backdrop for Bea’s trunk show, where she reveals her latest collection of handcrafted masterpieces.

To the purveyors of art and design, Bea shared her thoughts on living graciously in the modern urban setting, defining luxury as understated elegance and refinement. It is a life surrounded by objects that reflect personal taste in a space where one can relax in comfort. 

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