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Get your next piece of workout wear from these athleisure brands—all while helping those in need whether it's in support of animals, underprivileged youth or those in need of medical aid

Athleisure might be our go-to option these days with the pandemic keeping us at home or even in quarantine, meaning that we're opting for clothing that's comfortable yet functional—perfect for workouts, working from home and everything in between. And while we're not sacrificing functionality for style, there are also athleisure brands that don't forget to think of the community during these trying times.

With Covid-19 affecting many businesses, it's more important than ever to remember to give back and support those in need. These athleisure brands set themselves apart by aiming to make a difference. By supporting them, you're also supporting those in need including the rescue of animals, educational support for underprivileged youth and those in need of medical aid.

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1. Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual Gangster started with a T-shirt but eventually turned into what its founders called a movement. Deeply inspired by yogis, athletes, artists and musicians, Spiritual Gangster created collections that encourage practices of living in gratitude and giving back to inspires positivity, generosity, kindness and connectedness. Their laid-back style includes crop tops, tanks, legging and their good ol' T-shirt.

For every item they sell, they donate the proceeds to provide a meal to a person in need through Feeding America. So far, over 11 million meals have been donated. They have also donated proceeds to Make-A-Wish and Cambodian Children's Fund.

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2. Beyond Yoga

Athleisure brand, Beyond Yoga was created with body positivity in mind. Their collection is available in all shapes and sizes for wearers to feel amazing and empowered in their own bodies as well as inspiring others to redefine standards. You can purchase their comfortable leggings, activewear tops, dresses and even maternity wear. 

Beyond Yoga has created a campaign with Moms for Moms to support underprivileged mothers and soon-to-be mothers. They are also providing support to Midwives for Haiti, which helps reduce infant and maternal mortality rates in Haiti.

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3. The Elephant Pants

The pants from The Elephant Pants might just be the most comfortable pants you'll ever own. The founders have a lifelong love for elephants and a trip to Thailand in 2013 basically sealed the deal to kickstart the brand. Inspired by the locally-made pants with vibrant elephant print that founder, Nathan, brought home from Thailand, The Elephant Pants then started its amazing team in Chiang Mai.

Donating 10% of every item sold to the International Elephant Foundation to provide a safe and sustainable future for the elephants. The foundation also helps with habitat production and anti-poaching. These pants might not be the images that you conjure when you think of athleisure but they're just as perfect for yoga and working out.

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4. Sparks Active

Sparks Active is the brainchild of Sarabe and Moe who met in Myanmar and instantly bonded over their love for yoga and shared passion towards the environment and education. Seeing expensive price tags of activewear, the two begin to work on the idea of offering something just as high-quality but with a fraction of the usual price—enter Sparks Active. The brand aims to encourage its wearer to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle, while still giving back to society. Cute, soft and cottony, their collection of tanks, leggings and bras are stylish as much as it is comfortable.

With every purchase, customers can choose one of three organisations to support which includes Clean Yangon, an NGO that plants trees in Myanmar, Changing Stories, a non-profit that trains teachers and offers learning programs to students in remote areas of Nepal and RUN, a charity that provides yoga and hiking as healing sessions for refugees in Hong Kong.

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5. K-Deer

Ditch monochrome and simple colours for K-Deer's funky Signature Stripes, named after inspiring woman and supporting a cause close to her heart. Founder, Kristine created the brand to follow her "yogic path of service" with a goal to bring awareness to underserved causes, ultimately making a difference for communities in need.

For each sale of their Signature Stripes, five per cent of e-commerce proceed and one per cent of wholesale proceeds goes directly to non-profit organisations who are doing the work to support communities in need such as Autism New Jersey, a non-profit providing resources and support for families with autism, Girlstart, a non-profit providing STEM educational programming to girls in the US and The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) who supports individuals and families with eating disorders.

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6. Wolven

Wolven operates as sustainably as possible, partnering with Climate Neutral to ensure they're reducing their carbon footprint. They're also investing in programs that offset the emissions they're creating which means if you buy any of their pieces, they're essentially carbon neutral. In return, you are also supporting projects such as rainforest conservation. But that's not all. Five per cent of their proceeds also goes to awareness programs and projects to bring yoga to at-risk and incarcerated youth.

From yoga pants, leggings, swimsuits and sports bras made from recycled PET fabrics and carbon neutral modal fabric that are just as functional—what else could you ask for?

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7. SoloSol Movement

SoloSol Movement's athleisure wear is created by two sisters with the manufacturing process mostly in Bali. The activewear blends fashion, functionality and fitness, reflecting on their desire to create clothing that fits the body but also expresses its wearer's personality with each design conceived from the sisters' adventures together.

Drawing from their experiences during numerous trips to Bali, SoloSol began donating one per cent of every sale to Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC), which helps abused and neglected dogs on Bali's streets. It also has education and rehabilitation programs, having reduced and rehabilitated over 4,000 dogs.

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8. LVR Fashion

LVR Fashion's contemporary and sustainable collection ranges from leggings, yoga tops, pants, dresses and scarves fit for both active and casual wear—all of thick are ethnically handmade in Los Angeles. Each eco-friendly piece features organic cotton blends, low-impact dyes and produced at the highest quality.

LVR Fashion is also partnered with ARCAS, a wildlife rescue centre in Guatemala. A portion of its revenues is donated quarterly to help aid in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wild animals. They also make clothing donations to the Downtown Women's Centre in Los Angeles, creating a safe space for women in need.

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