Negeri Sembilan-born designer AfiqM launches his Kebaya-centric Raya collection this March, in partnership with ShoeShoesShoes. The collection celebrates the timeless elegance and beauty of the well-loved traditional outfit. Take a peak at these exquisite pieces to get a head-start on planning your festive wardrobe.

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Crazy over Kebaya

The Kebaya steals the limelight this time round in AfiqM’s Raya 2018 collection, created with the support of fashion platform ShoesShoesShoes. Fronted by the ever-radiant Danielle Graham, the campaign boasts a modern interpretation of the stunning silhouettes this traditional wear is known for.


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Celebrating diversity with Raya

“We chose Danielle as the face of the campaign and collection because we wanted to reflect the nature of Malaysian beauty. Even if it’s Raya, all races –be it Chinese or PanAsians—can embrace this festive season and look,” ShoesShoesShoes founder Ung Yiu Lin says.  

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 Launching soon

AfiqM’s Raya 2018 collection launches online on Zalora and this March 13. It will also be sold in ShoesShoesShoes stores across Malaysia as well as in selected stockists in Brunei and Singapore. This isn’t the first time that Zalora has featured a collection by Afiq M, whose designs have been worn by members of the Malaysian royal family.

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Kebaya, Kurung, or both

Afiq M has reimagined the kebaya and its various versions, including Kebaya Nyonya, Kebaya Kota Bharu, Kebaya Labuh and the ‘Kebarung’, a Kebaya-Baju Kurung hybrid. Ladies, take note: these designs are versatile and suited to different body types.

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 Versatile is the new sexy

It’s not hard to spot the luxe-factor in these pieces. Each one is made with breathable lining for added comfort. Best of all, these kebayas can be styled in a variety of ways – dress them up for posh occasions or tone them down for a quieter affair.

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Colour couture

Negeri-Sembilan native Afiq M stays true to his signature style of block monochrome colours with this collection, simultaneously incorporating pastel colours suited to the Raya festivities.

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It’s all in the details

Kebaya purists need not fret: while the collection takes a modern approach to this wardrobe classic, the Kebaya silhouette isn’t compromised. Small touches like cuffs, detachable belts and a wider Kebaya flap lend a touch of sophistication to these pieces, as do subtle hints of pearls and fringes. 

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