Cover Photo credit: Khairul Imran / Malaysia Tatler

Behind the bare and modern facade of Afiq M gallery, sits an open-brick walled studio, where tradition and contemporary designs are unified and illustrate the namesake brand of Afiq Mohamed.

Practical Apparels

Grandiose is not a word found in the handbook of fashion designer, Afiq M, but minimalism and functionality are often used in his storyboard of creativity. No small detail escapes the observant designer, as he watches us studying the mannequins in his gallery, garbed in his designs.

“Can we move on from having bell sleeves in Raya Aidilfitri collections?” he commented and explained that he’s tired of seeing oversized sleeves on baju kurung and blouses. His fervour is expressed through a range of sleeves portrayed in his 2019 Raya designs, of billowy shapes notched into pleated, folded sleeves.

Making His Mark

After debuting a ready-to-wear campaign with Zalora and since his first show at KL Fashion Week in 2014, Afiq continues to present a modest line that fuses femininity and masculinity by blurring the distinction: “I try to find a meeting point for these seemingly opposing forces, to create a timeless design.”

Afiq doesn't steer away from colours in his collections despite his own all-black wardrobe. Nonetheless, the shades are far from taking the spotlight away from the outfits. Instead, what one would notice from the designs are the details like the digitally printed patterns, tied knots and even the texture.

Ink Strokes

Sitting down with Afiq as he sketches a design from his upcoming collection to be released on the KL Fashion Week 2019 runway, there’s valued care on his approach to the activity which gave a glimpse to a perfectionist persona during the designing process of his line.

When quizzed about the person who inspired him, Afiq paused in deliberation before stating, "My ultimate hero is Yves Saint Laurent. His work speaks to me. He pretty much influenced me when it comes to mixing masculinity and femininity in my designs."

It was a revealing statement reflecting the connection between his aesthetics and his principles, that the brand is actually an intimate extension of himself. 

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