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Whether you're planning on hitting the beach or spending more time in your backyard this dry season, make sure your wardrobe is summer-ready!

The season of muscle tops, sundresses, and sandals are upon us. You might already be eyeing a few clothes to wear during your vacation, but are they the right summer pieces? Revamp your wardrobe to wear your best in the warmest time of the year.

1. Men And Women In Floral Print

Floral print on shirts and dresses are still trendy and chic. This is the perfect time to wear this vibrant pattern as much as you wish. Should you decide to pair florals with others, remember to match them with plain-coloured pieces so as not to look too flashy. Better yet, match them with a single colour found on the print to complete the look.

2. Mesh With Your Best Swimwear

Long mesh dresses are elegant and beach-friendly. Because while it drapes down your figure, you won't feel as hot as you would with a usual maxi dress. You can either wear it over swimwear in contrasting colours or a similar tone.

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3. No Denim At The Beach, Please

Denim jeans look chic when paired with bikinis. But these jeans should not be worn anywhere near the shore. If you soak your jeans in the ocean, prepare for the most uncomfortable trip back to the cottage. Your jeans will feel heavy and sticky to the skin as this fabric easily absorbs liquid.

4. Go All-White

A simple but elegant look to go for is an all-white outfit. Match your white button-down shirt either with white pants or shorts. Then, don't forget to throw in a nice pair of sunglasses to contrast your wardrobe. The shoes are also key in the outfit; so, slip on some dark-coloured sandals.

5. Wear Your Linen

Don all your favourite linen tops to keep cool and comfortable during summer. Spend your vacation feeling relaxed even under the heat of the sun with clothes made of linen as it's moisture-wicking, heat conducive, and heat-reflective. Plus, it looks amazing when paired with neon swimsuits for women or white pants for men.

6. Wear Any Colour But Black

While black swimsuits are fine to wear, refrain from donning other black-coloured pieces as it absorbs heat rather than reflect it. Currently, neon tones are still on-trend. Make the most out of it either by wearing multicoloured clothes or throwing in a few neon pieces in your outfit. It's a chic way to celebrate bright and sunny days!

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7. Pair Your Top With White Skirt Or Pants

A common piece to cover-up your bikini is a skirt or a wrap-around scarf. But you can change this up by wearing white pants instead. So, the next time you wear your bikini or crop top at the beach, be sure to bring some white pants along with you, too.

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