Think you have what it takes to be a 'Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist' like Tony Stark, the man behind the mask of Iron Man?

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The new Avengers film is coming soon! Opening on 23rd April 2015, the new 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' film is all we can talk about for the past few weeks.

Among all the powerful heroes present in the Avengers team, we particularly love and admire Iron Man - the hero who looks impeccable, even without his suit of armor.

Always dressed in dapper suits and semi-tinted sunglasses, the self-proclaimed "A Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist" is a man that many aspire to be.

In anticipation of the exciting summer blockbuster, let us dress you up in the dapper Tony Stark look that will have the ladies swooning in approval.

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Suit up in style with bold streaks
A well-tailored suit is a must-have when channeling your inner Tony Stark and this Hackett blue sharkskin wool suit is exactly what you need. With a classic two-tone look that has a rich depth of blue shade, you just need a simple white shirt to go with it.

However, your complimenting pieces need to strike hard like the Iron Man repulsor beam. Turnbull & Asser's printed pocket square and Charvet silk tie in shades of red are perfect to reflect Iron Man's high-tech suit of armor.


Finishing with a blast of coolness
Tony Stark is a man of confidence and power, which means his accessories must reflect the same. So, don't be afraid and be bold with your choices.

Sunglasses is the key to the Tony look and Ray Ban's aviators are staples that can never go wrong. Choose lenses that are only mildly tinted and remember wear it with a confident smirk on your face.

Mostly, we always say "oxfords, not brogues" but for Tony Stark, we say go brogue all the way with Edward Green's two tone edition. For your watch, Patek Philippe's rose gold grand complication watch is a great fit that reflects the deep and complex soul of the billionaire.

Finally finish it of with a dash of yellow gold cufflinks from Foundwell Vintage for that excessive, yet stylish touch.


Put them all together and you have it: the billion dollar look that have many men in awe and ladies in love. Bonne chance!


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