The Philadelphia native added a masculine spin to bohemian glamour, in a fall/winter 2017 collection inspired by her pedigreed upbringing.

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Venice Min took Tory Burch's tomboy chic for a spin in Hong Kong 

How one dresses is a statement of personal identity. For the fall winter 2017 season, Tory Burch puts the warmth into a collection that resonates with her Philadelphia roots and fondness for bohemian glamour.

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Inspired by the vivacious and glamourous Tracy Lord played by Katharine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story, the season toys with nostalgia and the utilitarian with a host of contrasting themes. Masculine and feminine collide, warm and clean colours interchange, and whimsical details abound for surprising twists to classics.

This season is all about tomboy chic, with a golden age panache, and here are the 5 steps Tory took to modernise it.

 Regal colours

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The collection builds upon a winter-white canvas, through a variety of wool and shearling coats and a military twill topper embellished with a gold embroidered “TB”. Tailored, wide-legged trousers and high collars add a masculine sharpness. Throughout the collection are ripe tones of camel, gold, rust, green and bold blue. 

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Colour gives way to a effervescent play of prints and patterns. Old-school checks and plaids find their way on blouses with exaggerated bow tops. There are chintz-style florals for the feminine-at-heart, and a dancing ballerina print referencing the works of Edgar Degas, found at The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia.

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Fabrics are upgraded through an interplay of conventional textures and luxurious threads: The versatility of plaid is highlighted on wool and shearling, corduroy and yarn, and are a homage to Tory’s father, Buddy. To balance off with menswear-inspired elements, Tory incorporates schoolgirl nuances alluding to her pedigreed upbringing. Pinafore cuts and knitted sweaters, sporty bombers and collared shirts evoke traces of her childhood attire. 

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Come evening occasions, her muse takes on a conservative elegance in A-line and long sleeved dresses, with silk and collared details. A botanical chintz is unmistakably old school, while sumptuous golden floral patterns swirl upon a velvet blue, offering a baroque charm. On a more avant-garde note, black ensembles are decorate with rhinestone shapes and pearlised shell buttons.

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Accessories are an integral element of this collection, in part to what they signify to Tory. While she wasn’t afraid to play matchy-matchy with bags (think plaid-on-plaid, pearlised applique paired with identical dresses), she infused formative details like the first stanza of an Ithaka poem as tribute to her family, and her father’s cigarette lighter that inspired a pendant necklace. Soft men’s briefcases cement the collection’s masculine appeal and transfers to footwear, too. Heels take on a menswear appeal, with loafer-like fringe and brogue detail. Boots, whether in a velvety fabric or patented leather, are tall and matched to swirling skirts.

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Sumptuous golden floral patterns swirl upon velvet blue, for a dressier occasionwear.

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 An Ithaka poem as a tribute to her family, is a key accessory of her new collection.

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Schoolgirl vibes ring throughout, from pinafore dresses, luxe bomber jackets and knitted cardigan.

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Ballerina prints on silk, referencing the works of Edgar Degas, found at The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia.

In an era of streetwear and modern minimalism, Tory has won the confidence of women who appreciate the enduring appeal of nostalgic classics.  

Photos courtesy of Tory Burch. 

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