Cover Photo credit: Habib

Complete your festive ensemble with the perfect pairing of shawls and intricate jewellery that hits glam on a high note

Shopping for Raya takes into consideration everything from colour, design, wardrobe changes and accessories, hence why it is nicknamed a ‘spree’. Fast-track your final look with a handful of flawless jewellery and ayu shawls (that are ketupat-and-rendang friendly) that goes effortlessly from your close-up to kenduri table etiquette.

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Habib + dUCk

The Habib Rantaian Kasih collection elaborates on the wonder of white diamonds in multiple shapes and coloured gems, such as the unique arrangement of the cloud-like patterned ring. Paired with dUCk scarves inscribed with Islamic letterings and geometric arrangements from the Unity dUCk collection, brings to mind a Middle Eastern charm. 

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DeGem + Cakenis

Mesmerising pink sapphire and green tsavorite are the heart of a detachable ring, the hero of this DeGem’s Toi Et Moi collection. The combination represents a pale rose with stems and looks particularly striking against the  silky Cakenis #BatikCake shawls to greet everyone with on Raya mornings. 

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Tomei + Hida-Yeat

With its white gold, fine floral silhouettes and entwining tendrils, the romantic Le Lumiere designs by Tomei are synonymous with the Raya season.

For the shawl pairing, Hida-Yeat’s Benak series infuses the legendary technique of Iban 'Pua Kumbu' of handwoven ikat textile. The pairing symbolises the theme of cherished heritage and culture, with polished elegance. 

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Far East Jewellers + Minimalace

If you’re searching for an accessory to stand out during the celebration, then the Far East Jewellers Raya collection is fitting since only 1 exclusive piece is available for each design.  Simple shawls with a kaleidoscope of hues from Minimalace would set a modest tone to compliment the Far East Jewellers collection and not over-do your festive look.

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Wah Chan + Sugarscarf

Decorate delicate fingers with a fancy yellow diamond ring and a cluster of pin diamond band from Wah Chan that are alluring and classic, come evening celebration. When spice and everything nice abounds, Sugarscarf shawls's demure appeal impeccably bring out the jewellery, fitting for merriment of Raya day 2.