Presenting the region's charming festive collections that put you in the mood for shopping.

Untitled design (36).png (original size)With all the Raya collections freshly released, it’s time to indulge in that essential time of the year – shopping for festive threads

Magnificent than the last, this year’s Raya releases are a gala of modern and extravagant fabrics, designs and silhouettes, as noted at shows like Bernard Chandran’s Petang Raya, emel by Melinda Looi and Innai Red.

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 For your shopping pleasure, we put together a list of 10 labels made by both celebrated and rising Asian designers, to suit diverse personalities and preferences.

Afiq M edit afiq_M_1400x500_2_mini.jpg (original size)Ruffles and fluid silhouettes make up Afiq M’s contemporary Raya pieces, reinforced by a burst of strong colours. Flowing with a distinctive elegance from versatile looks reminisce of the baju kurung and flattering cutouts, Afiq M celebrates statuesque femininity.

 Alia B.Untitled design (41).png (original size)Alia B. makes the kurung her canvas for a collection of delicate embellishments meet astute cuts. Outfits suggest a secret garden of lush flora – think ivy lace details on pleated flares, multilayered folds, and bell-shaped hemlines, in extremely soft or rich colours.

 Bernard Chandran Untitled design (40).png (original size)Grandiose is the theme of Bernard Chandran’s collection. No ensemble is not exaggerated – plain colours are treated with a sheen, tiered ruffles are draped and embroidered, and shapes and patterns are combined, intended for a head-turning effect. 

 dUCk scarves edit DSCF3573.jpg (original size)In time for Eid, the Alhambra dUCk is inspired by the majestic architecture of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, in all its intricate Arabic calligraphy carvings and patterned tiles. A collector’s item, this commemorative Eid dUCk comes in seven colours like gold, lilac, pink and mint.

 Emel by Melinda Looi edit 5_SK_ML_0396_01.jpg (original size)Themed ‘Colourful traditions’, Emel presents vibrant and classy baju kurung varieties with cultural elements of the festive season. Awash with symbolic prints, geometric weaving and traditional prints, each piece is singular yet versatile, setting the right tone this Eid.

Jovian Mandagie Untitled design (39).png (original size)Designed for every woman who wants to make a statement, be it in a bold way or subtle manner. Jovian’s JLuxe Raya edition plays on feminine details like fabric and detailings – and plays them up to a flattering effect. Lace, pattern and embellishment galore for the expressive fashionista.

 Khoon Hooi Untitled design (38).png (original size)An unmistakable romance is present in Khoon Hooi’s festive line, which features a hint of modern with traditional aesthetics. Ultra ladylike yet luxurious intricacies like lace, frills, ruffles and embellishment enrich the familiar silhouettes of traditional attire, perfect for the purist souls.

 Rizman Ruzaini Untitled design (36).png (original size)The designer duo explore opposite ends of the spectrum with delicate yet illusional use of lace and form. Colours range from pale to rich, and adorned with strategic adornments of gauze-like lace that modestly bring out the feminine soul.

 Saptodjojokartiko Untitled design (37).png (original size)

With shapes that reference various Asian cultures, this Indonesian designer deftly introduces the possibilities of refining traditional wear into the festive Eid collection. Sapto plays upon the intricacies of embroiey and cuttings, and cleverly explores effects like bell sleeves and peplums, across crepe and cotton materials.

 Fiziwoo FiziWoo_Raya_5072.jpg (original size)On a roll with their figure-flattering silhouettes and voluminous ruffles, ‘Raya and The City: Chapter 2’ injects a dose of extravagance in Fiziwoo's Eid x Fashion Valet collection. Sparkly details, luxe fabrics and impeccable tailoring display countless ways to impact this festive attire.

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Photos courtesy of respective brands and Fashion Valet. 

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