These women have racked up distinctive and outstanding style reputations, and are predicted to steer the local fashion scene this year.

1. Tunku Elana Khyra

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Above Photo: Malaysia Tatler December 2017 issue

No Malaysian royalty is as regally chic as Tunku Elana, be it dressing up for formal events, or dressing down to reveal her vagabond soul. Tunku Elana’s confident persona, sculpted silhouette and tumbling locks pair effortlessly with the wildest looks – it’s no wonder her 34k followers are soaring by the day.

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2. Rachel & Michelle Yeoh

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Above Photo: Malaysia Tatler March 2017 issue

It takes 2 to tango – a phrase to best describe the rising star power of high-fashion twins Rachel and Michelle. The pair, who burst into the global runway arena walking for Dolce & Gabbana, draws a combined 10k followers, with their sophisticated and utterly dreamy affinity for dresses and prints.

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3. Datin Vivy Yusof

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Above Photo: Malaysia Tatler May 2017

With a life lit by her passion for fashion, the co-founder of and The dUCk Group has soared to global fame, and impacted the Muslimah community. The girlboss and doting mum provides her community of 1.3 million almost-daily snippets of her life, that are always lookbook material, no matter how busy she is.

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4. Ally Mukhriz

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Farah Khan 10th anniversary at KLFW

Like her headline making grandfather Tun Dr Mahathir and father Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, Ally too has carved a name for herself in the fashion arena, specifically among millennials on Instagram (84k followers). Despite juggling university and her first job, Ally’s chic appeal landed her on her very first runway in 2017 at the Farah Khan 10th anniversay show, for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.

5. Chryseis Tan

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Above Photo: @chrystan_x on Instagram

Her 246k followers can testify that this second generation CEO never wears an outfit twice – Chryseis and her extensive wardrobe provide an endless source of discussion and wonder among trendsetters. You can count on her Instagram feed to check out the latest haute designer pieces, curated carefully for travel destinations and social appearances.

6. Levy Li

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Above Photo: Malaysia Tatler Ball 2017

The former Miss Universe Malaysia 2008 is a mum, founder of the crowd-favourite The Good Co. café, and purveyor of Asian streetwear under the hashtag #levyxstyle, all rolled into 1. For her growing 59k admirers, Levy offers some serious styling ideas spanning hidden Indie labels, to themed wanderlust getups.

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7. Rebekah Yeoh

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Above Photo: Malaysia Tatler Ball 2017

Whether it’s the red carpet, frolicking with friends in far-flung destinations, or working out for a cause, Rebekah has got her ensembles down to pat, to the admiration of her 9k following. The daughter of Tan Sri Francis Yeoh is equally passionate about her charitable endeavours, which led her to start the Recyclothes Group that sells curated, used clothing.

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8. Marion Caunter

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

The local style circuit wouldn’t be the same without this household name. The public’s love for Marion and her evergreen charm has grown throughout her various life stages. Her 441k followers can’t get enough of her flawless attire, and is testimony that motherhood only enhances the quality of a woman’s trend identity.

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9. Nadia Nasimuddin

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Malaysia Tatler Society 2018

Nadia’s portfolio – spanning various endeavours and lifestyle brands of her family dynasty – is guided by her eye for trends and fashion, that manifested over the years, leading to her eventual reign as the 2017 Asia’s Most Stylish and Woman on the Rise Malaysia titles. Her approach is tastefully cool and laidback, drawing over 162k followers who love her comfy and refined aesthetics.

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10. Kavita Sidhu

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Above Photo: @kavita_sidhu on Instagram

With titles of beauty queen, fashion designer, actor and producer, Kavita is a defining force of the local scene. When she’s not busy slaying in her businesses or travelling in style, the statuesque beauty gives her 89k followers a look into the city’s top fashion parties, which she graces in the latest designer collections. 

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