You did it! The wonderful, romantic, exhausting, unforgettable wedding is over and—finally—you can spend some much-needed time as a couple. But should you embark on a cultured city break, a perfect beach getaway or an elephant-packed safari?

Only you can decide—but to help, we've found the perfect places to stay, no matter what type of honeymoon you choose.

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The African Adventure: andBeyond Phinda Rock Lodge

There’s nothing like an edge of wildness to bring a heightened sense of romance to your honeymoon. And there are few places on earth more exotic than andBeyond Phinda Rock Lounge. Set in the heart of Zululand in South Africa, the luxury lodge is perched on the evocatively named Leopard Rock cliff face, looking down at the teeming plain below. And the usually elusive leopard is the order of the day at Phinda, with signs dominating the walkways warning guests to watch out for the most beautiful of all the big cats.

If you’re not exchanging glances with a leopard, you’ll be watching a herd of elephants play in the mud, a pride of lions snooze or a badly behaved troop of baboons scout for food. And when you’re in need of a bit of sleep and sustenance yourself, few places could be more relaxing than the lodge itself, with its earthy tones, deep comfortable beds and expansive verandahs. 

Why It’s Perfect:

Like most game lodges of this calibre, mornings and evenings at Phinda are spent in jeeps looking for wildlife, while days and nights are spent at the camp in the lap of luxury. But for honeymooners, that glamour goes one step further. Instead of your morning game drive, you can embark on a walking tour with your guide that will end in a champagne breakfast for two in a deserted grove. Nothing quite prepares you for the experience of walking in the bush—the sights, sounds and smells seem so much more charged when you’re at eye level with the animals, rather than ensconced in a metal Jeep.

And after all that exquisite tension, a quiet moment alone in the wilderness with your new spouse seems wonderfully necessary. Another exciting option is spending a night in one of the lodge’s treetop beds: Set high in a Marula tree, you’ll be safe from the wildlife and free to fall asleep in each other’s arms, listening to the sounds of the bush.

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The Island Paradise at: Hurawalhi Maldives

The Maldives are already the classic honeymoon destination, the place everyone dreams of when they’re drowning in “wed-min.” But add to the mix this gorgeous new hotel, and you might start wondering how to do your honeymoon twice without having to get divorced first. Only opened in December last year, it’s set to take indulgence and luxury to the next level, offering guests a curated and gourmet experience from start to finish.

With elegantly simple rooms built on stilts above the azure seas, villas boast private infinity pools and steps leading straight into the ocean, so you and your newly minted spouse can feel like the last two people on earth—albeit with access to luxurious spas, underwater restaurants, cocktail bars, tennis courts and a range of water sports.

Why It’s Perfect: 

Solitude—everything at the Hurawalhi can be done for just two. Arrange dinner on the beach, with only the light of the candles and the gentle lap of the waves keeping you company. The wonderfully attentive staff will bring you each course and top up your glasses, but other than that you’ll be utterly alone with your beloved. Or head to the Champagne Pavilion, an area just above the sea designed especially for couples to sip on cocktails, share a few canapes and plan the future.

The twosome activities don’t end there—you can learn to water-ski together, play tennis or take boat excursions to far-flung islands, packing a picnic just for two. The spa is perhaps the most romantic of all the destinations: With vast treatment rooms overlooking the spectacular scenery, they offer couples’ treatments including rose petal and rose oil baths, and joint massages to take away the aches of all that wedding night dancing.

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The Culture Extravaganza: The Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square

There’s something uniquely romantic about London in summer. The leaves are out and the city is awash with green. Couples sit in the majestic parks in the heart of the city, sharing a bottle of wine and a picnic until the last light starts to fade just a couple of hours before midnight. And that’s before we even get to the endless culture on offer.

The Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square must be one of the more romantic hotels in the British capital, set in a Grade II-listed Art Deco building that hosted the first meeting of the United Nations. Sitting on the same site William the Conqueror chose for the Tower of London, it is also a leisurely stroll across the river to Borough Market, Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tate Modern.

Why It’s Perfect:

There are 100 rooms and 200 bright young staff, so you know you’re going to be treated beautifully. But it’s the clever concierge who will soon start to vie with your new spouse for the title of Most Favourite Person. The concierge has the keys to open every door in London—a city that can be difficult to navigate for a visitor.

Want seats in the stalls to the Donmar Warehouse’s latest play? He’ll get them for you. He’ll also get you a table at The Clove Club, The Ledbury or Dinner by Heston—three restaurants it’s nigh on impossible to score a booking at. But the service doesn’t stop there—the concierge can also arrange sunset cruises down the Thames, lavish picnics in Green Park complete with champagne, or even tickets to the ballet at Covent Garden.

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The Rock Star Experience: Kata Rocks Phuket

The Kata Rocks Phuket will make you feel every inch the genuine rock star, thanks to its extraordinary service and ability to fulfil your every whim at a moment’s notice. Want a champagne-showered party by the DJ booth? It’s yours. Feel like an entire day of pampering in your very own beachfront villa? Right away, madam. And thanks to the hotel, you’ll feel like an A-lister before you’ve even come up with your first demand.

The airy, all-white layout and extraordinary panoramic views of Phuket (think azure seas and ornate rock formations) feel more akin to a private superyacht than any landbound hotel. Days are spent drifting from pool to sea to spa, while evenings are rosé and cocktail-fuelled events in the water-facing bars, complete with a DJ.

Why It’s Perfect:

The team at Kata Rocks prides themselves on their ability to tread that very fine line between hugely attentive 24-hour service and the much-needed solitude honeymooners yearn for after the non-stop socialising of a wedding. And they do this by organising lavishly planned, utterly private events. Opt for a private dining experience at sunset right on the oceanfront, with a custom menu and as much champagne as you can drink, all while lying arm in arm looking at the Andaman Sea.

Another option is the Shiva Shakti, a 150-minute couples’ treatment using rose oil, orange blossom and jasmine to create heightened feelings of bliss and happiness in the heart, water and crown chakras. In the evening, romantic sundowners can be served in a hidden nook by the pool reserved for honeymooners, far from the other guests.