From its ethically-sourced origins to a flawless, contemporary design, discover the unforgettable details that have primed Tiffany & Co.'s latest Tiffany True diamond ring to be the envy of every bride-to-be.

Ladies, take note – the latest addition to Tiffany & Co.’s legendary engagement collection is truly a keeper, and here’s why:

Making its worldwide debut this year, the stellar new Tiffany True engagement ring pairs a smart contemporary design with Tiffany & Co.’s world-famous Tiffany Setting and a contoured diamond expertly cut to maximise light, brilliance and contrast.

The iconic brand’s inseparable association with love and commitment lives on in a modern era in which clean lines, minimalist form and subtle design cues are increasingly desirable.

It makes the cut

What makes a diamond truly radiant, catching light and emanating it with even the subtlest movement of the hand? The Tiffany True cut takes masterful skill and craftsmanship, an artisanal process that exposes more surface area on the diamond’s main facet, heightening contrast and enhancing its lustre.

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Better by design

Swipe Left On The Photo: Fancy Yellow cushion modified brilliant diamond in 18k gold; Swipe Right: White Diamond in platinum band  

Available in a white diamond set in a platinum band or a Fancy Yellow cushion modified brilliant diamond set in an 18k gold band, one particular detail makes the Tiffany True ring truly special.

A playful design cue to thrill the observant admirer, the ring is discreetly constructed with a subtle ‘T’ on the side, smartly crafted into a band that’s been sculpted carefully so as to accentuate the diamond’s brilliance, not compete with it.

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Sustainable beauty

A symbol of eternal love makes each Tiffany & Co. ring; one that doesn’t compromise on a commitment to protect the natural world. The Tiffany True diamond is ethically sourced from an approved mine and entrusted to the most responsible and highly-skilled craftsmen.

Continuing its long-standing commitment to ethical diamond sourcing practices worldwide, Tiffany & Co. now provides buyers with the provenance information for each individually registered diamond, revealing the gem’s region or country of origin.

Your modern-day happily ever after

Above The latest chapter of the 'Believe In Love' campaign features Lady Gaga's original song 'Is That Alright?' from the film 'A Star Is Born'.

The Tiffany True engagement ring commands attention in Tiffany & Co.’s Believe In Love campaign, which launched worldwide this April. In it, a heart-warming montage of 3 real-life couples captures the dazzling quality of each engagement ring, a modern-day retelling of the happily-ever-after dream come true.

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