Amira Geneid's  Zuhair Murad form-fitting strapless gown succesfully combined her desire to have "something simple with a touch of fire".


While some dream of the wedding dress they’ll wear when they finally do the walk down the aisle, Amira Geneid had her eyes on her jewellery first.

“I actually planned my jewellery before the dress; I’m definitely my mother’s daughter,” shares the new bride who tied the knot with husband Cameron Priest in 2 ceremonies. “I fell in love with this Stefan Haffner choker years before and had been saving it for a special day.” 

That special day came in the form of her dreamy wedding reception in Singapore, following her traditional akad nikah here in KL after an equally resplendent engagement party last year.

The necklace went beautifully with her Zuhair Murad form-fitting strapless gown that showed off her curves while she said “I do" backdropped against the breathtaking skyline of Singapore. 

True to her personality, it was a dress kept simple but stood out in the minor details.

Love at first try


Murad has been one of her favourites for a long time.

“I’ve been ogling over Zuhair Murad’s designs well before getting engaged so my mind jumped straight to him when I started thinking about wedding dresses. It was the first dress I tried on and I loved it. I always thought the process would take longer and I’d need to try on a dozen gowns but it just felt right from the beginning.” 

Simple with a touch of fire


Simplicity was her aim, brought up a notch with subtle detailing.

“What I loved about it is from afar it looked very classical, but up close you could see the intricate lace and beading. It combined my desire to have something simple with a touch of fire. I loved the veil. It wasn’t too busy but had a stunning lace edging. Plus I loved being able to pair the dress with my own makeup. My Zahara nail polish was the perfect understated nude to carry me through the whole wedding week.” 

The ideal dress 


The final masterpiece is something her younger self would have been proud of.

“I was never the type of girl to imagine a big fluffy white wedding. In fact I didn’t really envision my wedding day at all as a kid which I know is a little weird. But from the moment I got engaged I started to notice the details and loved looking at wedding photos to get inspiration. In the end I think the dress was ideal for the evening.” 

(Photos: Amira Geneid; Photography: Samuel Goh Photography)

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