Find out how the finest weddings of the decade came to be by reliving their equally heartwarming ‘I do’ moments.

Getting someone to recall their proposal is akin to eliciting an intimate and unguarded excerpt of their love story. Proposals are the turning point of a pair's journey, the foundation of their very own happily-ever-after. The same can be said for power couples like Chryseis Tan and Faliq Nasimuddin, Elizabeth Lee-Yong and Benjamin Yong, and several beauty queens, and their besotted partners, whom we’ve witnessed tying the knot over the years. While most involve getting down on bended knee, some were sealed over an unsaid, knowing gaze, or as dramatic as an orchestrated proposal with all the works (or fireworks, to be exact). Scroll on and be prepared to get bitten by the love bug with recollections of that all-important pitch that resulted in some of the well-known weddings in the Klang Valley.

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Olivia Nicholas & Dr Sandeep Menon

The Miss International Malaysia 2016 beauty queen was wooed by her alpha admirer in the most romantic setting of cool sea breezes, rolling waves, and rose petals strewn upon the sand in Langkawi.

Dr Sandeep’s proposal speech was even more charming, which was delivered, in his own words: “At 26 I fell deeply in love with a girl who brought me doughnuts every other evening. Now grown, she surpasses even my most romantic daydreams. Will you hold my hands as my wife and let me walk you into my welcoming home?”

Will you hold my hands as my wife and let me walk you into my welcoming home?

Dr Sandeep Menon

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Angelyn Chong & Mah Kok Wah

When Kok Wah and Angelyn were 6 years into their relationship, Kok Wah experienced a health scare. The unwavering presence of his girlfriend made him realise she was ‘the one’. After that episode, he kicked into action with a holiday to Paris, picturing the exact setting of his proposal, which didn’t turn out quite as expected. 

“I quietly took the ring out of my pocket and got down to one knee… only to realise she was too busy taking selfies with the Eiffel Tower to notice I was proposing to her!” On her part, Angelyn did not see it coming, and a stunned silence ensued before the anticipated ‘yes’.

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Dr Simerdip Kaur & Hardeep Parkash Singh Sandhu

Dr Simerdip and Hardeep were match-made in good old-fashioned Punjabi style, with the well-meaning intention of giving the London-based duo a headstart in dating. “My mother and his sister were at an event together and they had a mutual contact who suggested that perhaps Hardeep and I should get to know each other," Dr Simerdip quipped.

“They presumed we were both single—luckily we were!” she mused. Several text messages led to a first date and 6 months on, a wedding was in the cards.

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Ju Nn Phang & Aaron Tey

The long-term couple of 15 years had always known they would be getting married, as they often discussed the wedding of their dreams. Recalled Ju Nn: “We went to Spain in April 2018 to visit the venue and at the same time planned a pre-wedding shoot.

"It was during the pre-wedding shoot that he proposed," she continued. "Caught in the moment, I do not remember what he said and how he asked.” That turning point took place by a pond, in the historic Parc del Laberint d'Horta.

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Zaida Ibrahim & Arif Zikri Azizi

Zaida and Arif have very different ways of recalling their proposal. According to Zaida, “I knew it was coming but I didn’t know it was on that day itself. We knew we were going to get married; it was just a matter of time. He chose to propose where we had our first date and of course he arranged it at the exact table.”

While Zaida marvelled at his thoughtfulness, Arif was a bundle of nerves: “I would not say that I had doubts about whether she would say yes because we know we love each other but nevertheless its always going to be a nervy affair until you finally hear her utter the words.”

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Carey Ng & Roen Cian Nagapan

Ever the adventurous couple, Carey and Roen’s 'together forever' was marked in a snowy blizzard upon the peak of Snaefellsjokull Glacier in Iceland. Gushed Carey, “I had no idea where we were headed but it all sounded like an adventure."

“We snow-mobiled and took shelter at the peak, where he got down on one knee and proposed. I was elated and felt on top of the world,” recalled Carey, in amusement.

I had no idea where we were headed but it all sounded like an adventure.

Carey Ng

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Muhammad Rahmat Geneid & Chika Tatsuzawa

Muhammad and Chika’s relationship withstood the test of a long-distance courtship, and survived onflicting timezones and cultural differences. The former air-hostess was frequently travelling, whereas Muhammad was studying in London before his return to Kuala Lumpur to work as a lawyer.

Distance proved to make their hearts grow fonder and eventually, they realise they wanted to grow old together. This gave Muhammad the courage to propose to the woman of his dreams while they were at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

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Jady Teoh & Brian Choo

Brian and Jady’s encounter is one they love telling and laughing over. They first met through a mutual friend, whom Brian was trying to pursue romantically, until it dawned on him that he and Jady had more in common than he did with the said friend.

For the proposal, Brian enlisted their closest friends to surprise Jady with a vacation to Phuket, where he got down on one knee to pop the question on a carpet of sand.

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Deborah Henry & Dr Rajiv Bhanot

2 years into dating, the proposal happened. Deborah didn’t see this coming, and till today, marvels at how he took her by surprise. Dr Rajiv and his lady love were on a weekend getaway to Bali when the proposal kicked in.

Having spent a fruitful day out in Ubud, Deborah was looking forward to a long shower. “I walked into our villa and I saw loads of candles and flowers, and photos of our travels set up by the pool, and then it hit me!”

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Adeline Chua & Barry Edmonds

The pair had been together for 7 years and enjoyed the kind of relationship filled with honesty and humour. It wasn’t much of a surprise when Barry popped the question while they were on a spontaneous run in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

“It could have been anywhere else in the world and I would have said yes,” affirmed the enamoured Adelina.

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Elizabeth Lee-Yong & Benjamin Yong

Liz and Ben’s courtship culminated in a meticulously planned do at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul. Knowing his way around Liz’s heart, Ben put together a treasure hunt for Liz by installing a gumball machine on-site, containing her engagement ring.

When she found it, in a grand display of earnestness, Ben went down on one knee and asked Liz to marry him, and when she said yes, fireworks exploded in the skies.

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Elaine Daly & Nick Boden

It took a mere few months before the couple had it all figured out, and the moment occurred, when, thanks to a sudden change in holiday plans with friends, Elaine and Nick took advantage and squeezed in a trip together to the Maldives.

The scene was as such: the 2 standing at the end of a long jetty, gazing at the sun set over the Indian Ocean, when Nick pulled a classic down-on-one-knee and uttered the question.

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Sonya Davidson & Judd Sanchez

Instagram celebrity mum Sonya and her husband Judd had known each other for over a year when Judd planned a romantic proposal. It took them to Bali where he went all-out at sunset on a secluded beach, trailed with lanterns. There were butlers and a 7-course meal spread out on a 4-poster bed.

“I hardly ate a thing; I felt like my world was spinning in such an amazing way. When he dropped down on one knee, I was surprised, dizzy and absolutely elated! Of course, I said yes, immediately,” Sonya conjured.

When he dropped down on one knee, I was surprised, dizzy and absolutely elated!

Sonya Davidson

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Gabrielle Tan & Michael Helfman

Gabrielle and Michael (fondly known as Gabby and Mike) were set up by well-meaning friends, and Mike made the first move by casually asked her out. Their first date was a classic situation: bowling, dinner, and more dinners from that day on.

Gabby and Mike’s relationship levelled up when he popped the question to her at KLCC Park, with the glittering lights of the Twin Towers as witness.

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Zaireen Iskandar & Razman Razali

The long-time friends-turned-lovers were always on the same wavelength, that their proposal took place over a simple invitation: “Shall we do this, baby?” suggested Razman, to which a smiling Zaireen mouthed a casual “Sure.” The unconventional proposal speaks volumes about the couple, who had always known they would be destined for marriage and a family.  

“There was no doubt that we both wanted it to happen,” Zaireen let in. “There was no ring prepared but there was that pivotal moment together where we both knew that this was ‘it’ and it was time.”

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Dr Fazliana Abd Rashid & Dr Farid Razali

November 22, 2016 marked a life-changing day not only for Dr Fazliana and Dr Farid, but her parents as well, who were there to witness it. Farid chose to propose at Caretta Shiodome in Tokyo during the annual Winter Illumination show, beginning with a very special dinner. It so happened to be Dr Fazliana’s parents’ 30th anniversary so it was a double celebration, except she didn’t realise it until he got down on one knee and brandished a ring.

“He kept it completely under wraps and I was totally taken by surprise. It was the ultimate moment for both of us including my parents. Until today, I can still vividly remember how perfect that night was.”

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Chryseis Tan & Faliq Nasimuddin

The intrepid pair took their relationship a step further in an occasion celebrating their love for travel, within the opulent surroundings of the Royal Mansour Hotel of Marrakech. Although the couple have conquered the most enviable of destinations, this was by far most epic, set with romantic decorations of candles and flowers.

It was the all-important “Will you marry me?” weaved into a floral wall decor that was the plot twist. The scene remains one of the most ‘liked’ posts on Chryseis’ Instagram, with Faliq on one knee, a ring sneaked from his pocket, a gaze of adoration at his queen, and she, overcome by emotion.

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