Cover Will you be inviting a flower man to walk down the aisle? (Photo: Pexels)

Let's be honest. Children can be a bit of a wild card at weddings. That's probably why the demand for flower men—also called flower dudes—has been on the up in recent months.

What exactly is a flower man? Well, they are fully grown men who take on the job of a flower girl. Putting on a hilarious warm-up act ahead of the bride's grand entrance, they often strut down the aisle to their favourite song, scattering flower petals stashed in a fanny pack or a comically small basket. 

While it may have started as a viral trend on TikTok, we can definitely see this light-hearted concept sticking around for a while. For one, it can get the groomsmen more involved in the wedding planning process by selecting music, determining choreography and even, deciding on their flower man attire if they really want to put on a show-stopper. 

And practising their moves can keep them busy (read: out of trouble) as the bridal party gets ready on the day of the wedding.

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More than that, the flower man's routine can be the perfect ice-breaker and conversation starter at the wedding reception, alleviating any post-pandemic awkwardness or social anxiety that wedding guests may be harbouring after months of being homebound

However, there is definitely a small downside of hiring the services of a flower man, particularly one with an abundance of charisma and stage presence. While you may prevent tears and tantrums from an errant flower girl, you could also run the risk of your flower man stealing the show! 

But there's definitely a case for infusing a little joy into your wedding ceremony after the year that we all have experienced. And this trend will guarantee to score some laughs and giggles from your guests.  

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