Cover Here's a list of the best bridal face masks to wear on your wedding day (Photo: Courtesy of Haute Mask)

Getting married during "the new normal"? Face masks are a must, so we're rounding up the best designs to wear on your wedding to keep you stylish and protected

Face masks have become one of the most essential items during this pandemic. So much so that face mask making has become a business of its own, with masks catering to different needs from workout masks, masks translating different languages, a mask that purifies the air you breathe, breathable masks, stylish masks, eco-friendly masks and so on. It's become such an important part of our daily lives now that maskne—acne caused by face masks—was one of the biggest terms of 2020.

And with all the different designs and types of face masks out there, it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's also an essential part of your wedding day wardrobe. We sought the help of Jacqueline Au, founder and creative director of The LOFT Bridal and combined Tatler's own wedding face masks recommendations based on the type of look you're going for—from luxe, minimal to glamourous.

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1. For the grandoise look: Haute Mask

Not only will this mask complete your wedding look, but you'll also be helping frontline workers. This glamorous mask from Winnie Couture is covered with shimmering crystal beads for the ultimate luxury and extravagant look. It's handcrafted using 100 per cent organic cotton lining complete with a filter pocket for safe and comfortable wear. They also have a mask for the groom available.

Proceeds from the purchase of any Haute Mask will go to Direct Relief, a non-profit organisation that provides personal protective equipment (PPE) and other essential medical items to the US and international health workers responding to Covid-19.

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2. For the elegant bride: Boudoir 1861

This face mask from Boudoir 1861 is covered in floral embroidery and made using 100 per cent polyester. It's beautifully adorned with lace applique as well as pearls and while the beaded bridal mask is elegant in design it's also great for the modern look, making it an essential accessory for your wedding day. It's also reusable so you can wear it even beyond your big day.

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3. For the glamorous girl: Rosantica

It's only right to get all glammed up for when you finally say "I do". This crystal-embellished face mask from Rosantica will complete your look. Draped in gold-tone, handcrafted in Italy and adorned with Swarovski crystals, you'll surely be turning heads with this face mask.

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4. For the fashion-forward bride: Wiederhoeft

Are you a fashionista at heart? Wiederhoeft—a favourite of Lady Gaga—is offering a quilted bow mask that would perfect for the fashion-forward bride. It's made with silk taffeta and the quilted bows are hand-stitched, complete with crystal teardrop embroidery, all handcrafted in New York. The mask comes in white for that ultra-clean and fresh look or you can get it in blue for something a little flashier.

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5. For the flower lover: Off-White

Flowers are a common motif to any wedding dress. It's also all part of your wedding decor, right down to the bouquet that the bride will be holding. The Off-White floral print bandana mask completes the floral look, featuring an all-over floral print with rear tie fastening. It also comes in a flashier pink colour if you really want the floral colours to stand out.

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6. For the bride who wants to shine: The Muse Mask

The hydrangeas wrapped around this mask together with the numerous Swarovski stones will surely make you shine on your wedding day. Hydrangeas are commonly found in East Asia and these colourful flowers on the sides of the mask are designed to give the bride an elegant silhouette and brighten your face. If you buy the mask from The Muse Mask, you'll also get 10 replaceable mask filters and mask case (subject to availability). This mask also comes in blue colour and delicately handcrafted in Japan.

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7. For the minimal bride: Hushed Commotion

Stay safe while looking chic. This off-white linen face mask from Hushed Commotion is lightweight, comfortable and minimal in style. You can choose from two different styles, beaded with moonstones, ivory or crystals or beaded with pearls. The hoops are elastic so it can fit any face size. It's definitely a minimal yet classy mask.

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