Videographers have been pushing the boundaries for documenting weddings over the past few years—more than just capturing your big day on film, you now have the option of creating stop-motion films, narrative tatler_stories, music videos or even cinematic movies.  See also: 5 Delicious Cocktails For Your Wedding Reception But just like everything else with weddings, it can be hard to choose the right videographer for you and your S.O. (read: significant other). So, we’ve shortlisted 10 Hong Kong wedding videographers with a diverse range of award-winning portfolios to choose from:

1. Androids in Boots 

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Androids in Boots

Best for: Capturing unique destinations

With branches in Singapore, Melbourne and Hong Kong, Androids in Boots cater to jet-setting couples with weddings abroad. They're always on the hunt for new visual experiences, and their team of avid travellers are inspired by different storytelling methods from around the world.

2. AnswerMark Limited

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Above Photo: Courtesy of AnswerMark Limited

Best for: Turning wedding day madness into cinematic gold

Established in 2008, AnswerMark Limited is a creative group of diverse videographers who create commercial as well as personal videos that integrate graphics with captured film. They've won a total of 25 awards, ranging from the Cannes Lions and Kam Fan Awards to The Webby Awards, and AnswerMark pride themselves on being "result-oriented problem solvers".

3. Johnny Productions

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Johnny Productions

Best for: Simplicity and integrated photography

Johnny Chan, the founder and core videographer of Johnny Productions, started his company over ten years ago. His shooting style captures the beauty in simplicity, thanks to his background in design and architecture. And if you’re also on the hunt for a photographer, they provide photography services as well.

4. Pixel Hall Productions

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Pixel Hall Productions 

Best for: Inspiring others with your love story

Pixel Hall Productions has a talented team of Hong Kong wedding cinematographers led by Ethan Li who all share one simple vision: "capturing your story in the most truthful, beautiful way possible that will hopefully inspire others like yourselves". As film-makers, they listen and apply your unique requests to produce a one-of-a-kind video at the end of the day.

5. Patrick Photography

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Photography 

Best for: Filming candid and real moments you won't notice during the day

Patrick has always had the eye to capture real life, real people and real emotions. His aim as a film-maker is to create lifestyle, brand, narrative, and documentary films, with a focus on capturing all the candid moments that many couples unintentionally let slip away. Patrick's style can best be described as a fusion of fashion, portraiture and wedding photojournalism.

6. Woody Storytelling

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Woody Storytelling

Best for: Simplicity and minimalism

Woody Storytelling brings you soul, simplicity and creativity. They tell a story with every film, as they want their clients to have something they can look back at for years to come. Having won the Professional Wedding Videography Award and Hong Kong Wedding Videography Award in 2015, this company is definitely one to consider.

7. Bozz Wedding

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Bozz Wedding

Best for: Having great attention for detail

Bozz Wedding, last year's winner of the Hong Kong Wedding Videography Award, is known for their attention to detail. Each of their cinematic videos is uniquely titled, showcasing the different characters and story of each couple’s love and marriage. Their wide variety of video styles gives couples plenty of options. 

8. More Production 

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Above Photo: Courtesy of More Production

Photo: Courtesy of More Production

Best for: A diverse range of music selection

According to More Production, the best images come from unnoticed details and natural expressions. More Productions narrate a couple’s story by capturing the little moments you didn’t realise were important, and they also have a wide range of moving background music to choose from.

9. Friendsphotog

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Friendsphotog

Best for: Building a real connection with their clients 

The Silver Award winner of the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Competition, Friendsphotog's secret to success is to build a real connection with all of their clients, whom they see as friends.

They focus on capturing your happiest moments as a newlywed couple so that years from now, when you look back at your wedding video, you'll remember why you fell in love with your partner in the first place.

10. Part Of You by 123Cheese Production

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Part Of You

Best for: A variety of filming styles and distinct aesthetics

Part Of You is a team of talented videographers under 123Cheese Production, a Hong Kong-based award-winning fine art wedding photography company. You'll be working with an excellent team of videographers, all of which have at least five years of experience at 123Cheese and are able to produce a variety of video styles.

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