The new bride and antique collector shares what timeless beauty means to her

She’s an arts and antiques collector and a photographer who’s held exhibitions all over Hong Kong, but more recently, Veronica Lam has been preparing herself for another role: that of the bride. But while getting all the logistics in order for the Big Day is one aspect of a wedding, there are other fun items to check off her to-do list, such as shopping for pieces for her new marital home.

After her Hong Kong ceremony a couple of weeks ago, Lam sat down to share stories about how her antique collection began, how she is beautifying her new home with hubby Stephen Loman, and what beauty means to her.

How did you begin collecting art and antiques?

While at university I was always checking out vintage stores in Brick Lane in London but never really bought anything. After university I was in New York for a while and was very into buying old vinyls, as I'd bought new vinyls before and they never have that "old" sound you get from the old vinyls. That was also when vintage stores and vinyl records were on trend.

Since then, I started looking at every vintage store around the world, particularly in Paris and in old towns around England, not just for old vinyls but also vintage classic jewellery items, 1900s magazine posters and art deco furniture.

Tell us the story of one of your favourite pieces.

My most recent and favourite piece was when [my new husband] Steve and I were in San Francisco for our engagement photoshoot. After the photoshoot we were just wandering around in a small little town near the mountains looking for food when Steve spotted a cake shop.

While we were stuffing ourselves with cakes we realised it was actually also a vintage store, as well as a cake and tea shop. We ended up buying an art-deco-style table lamp made with coloured glass and two crystal candle holders for our new home! It was quite a task to take them home as they were so big and heavy.

When you're buying art, it's likely you will live/be with it for a long period of time. How do you determine what is timeless?

Normally we choose items that go along with our colour theme and style at home. Our colour theme is very nature based (green and light woods) with a touch of dark blue-ish grey and white as supporting tones. We also have very colourful kitchenware, so we stick to colourful items for the dining area.

How we define timeless is usually when items have been passed down for centuries, when something doesn't become outdated, it's enduring, unfailing, surpasses time and always stays beautiful. We have a full set of wine and champagne glasses identical to that of my mother-in-law, which she’s had since she had Steve!

Is it important for art that you collect to be beautiful?

I think the definition for beautiful is very subjective. For example my father's taste in art and my brother’s taste in collectives is very different to mine! I'm fortunate enough that Steve and I have very similar tastes.

What is your relationship with La Mer's skincare products?

My first Crème de la Mer was a gift to me from my mother. I started using it at my first job and I remember I was too tired from work I wasn't going out for dinners or drinks with friends but instead I would go straight home, eat my dinner and apply the Crème de la Mer before I head straight to bed at 10pm. 

Genaissance de la Mer is a product that hopes to give timeless beauty to women. What do you consider to be elements of timeless beauty?

Timeless beauty is classic, elegant, and is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. I love how the Genaissance de la Mer feels so luxuriously silky on my skin, and how effective it has been for keeping my own skin youthful. I think the products do help give hope to women that they can achieve being a timeless beauty. 

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Photography: Moses Ng | Styling: Spencer Leung | Hair & Makeup: Karen Yiu | Location: Old Bailey