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Buying a skincare fridge may be one of the best skincare decisions you can make this summer

What do you reach for to quench your thirst after a long day in the tropical heat? Let us take a guess—it's probably a cold brew coffee, an ice lolly or a frozen margarita.

Imagine recreating that refreshing, cooling sensation on your face every time you apply your skincare products. And all you need to elevate your beauty routine is a skincare fridge.

The ultimate self-care investment to get you through lockdown, a skincare fridge houses your collection of lotions and potions as well as massage tools. And the cooling effect doesn't just feel good, it can also bring amazing benefits for your skin.

For example, the cold constricts blood vessels, especially in under-eye areas with more delicate skin. This means that refrigerated creams and face masks—used with cool jade rollers and glass massage tools—can help reduce puffiness and leave the skin feeling firmer, tighter and more sculpted. A skincare fridge can also provide much-needed relief from those suffering with sunburn or skin conditions, such as acne and eczema. Our tip is to spritz your face with cooling mist to keep the skin calm and hydrated throughout the day.

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This new skincare essential can also save you a lot of coins by prolonging the shelf life of your skincare products, especially if they are water-based, food-grade or made from organic and natural ingredients. And if your skincare contains vitamin C, keeping it cool between 13°C and 17°C may potentially even boost its reparative ability. These days, there are many beauty brands, such as Tata Harper, Dermalogica and Innisfree, that are embracing the benefits of a skincare cooler and even recommend that their products be chilled before use. 

Of course, not every product is suited for refrigeration. For example, fragrances, retinols, clay masks and oil-based products should be largely left at room temperature to prevent any changes to their texture or efficacy. Nonetheless, we predict that a skincare fridge will become a permanent fixture is most households in the near future. 

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Photo: Instagram/@stylpro_uk
Above Photo: Instagram/@stylpro_uk

STYLPRO X ASOS Exclusive Beauty Fridge

This adorable mini-fridge slides easily into any space, whether it is your bathroom countertop or your vanity table. It is the perfect size to bring for a sleepover with the girls or on your future travels, when pandemic restrictions are lifted. 

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Chefman Portable Mirrored Beauty Fridge

A stylish addition to your home, this beauty fridge doubles as a vanity mirror, with LED lighting. And it has a function to switch from heating to cooling, so you can recreate the whole facial spa experience at home—from warm face towels to a cooling massage finish. 

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Tatler Asia
Photo: Instagram/@mychefman
Above Photo: Instagram/@mychefman
Tatler Asia
Photo: Instagram/@smegitalia
Above Photo: Instagram/@smegitalia

SMEG FAB5 50’s Retro Style Cooler 

Standing at 74cm, this retro, single-door mini-fridge is on the bigger side but who's going to complain about extra storage for more beauty products?

Alternatively, it can also house refreshing drinks and other nutritious summer snacks like fruits and skin-loving berries. 

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