Take a break and indulge in a spa day at home with these relaxing offerings from local beauty brands

If you're planning for a relaxing self-care day at home, we have you covered from head to toe in this roundup of the best sustainable organic products by Malaysian brands.

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1. Yein&Young

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A minimalist skincare range that prioritises raw ingredients without artificial additives, Yein&Young has successfully curated a line of hypoallergenic products formulated with organically certified ingredients. 

Meeting the demand for customisation, customers can select their desired scent from a selection of 31 essential oils sourced from distillers worldwide, each with its own unique healing properties, and then combine them with Yein&Young's castile soap and lotion bases. 

The brand's dedication to its craft is evident in how it underwent more than two years of research and development to find the most suitable sources for their products and is now fully committed to strict organic-certified processes.

Tatler's Pick: For the ultimate de-stressed experience, try lathering up with the Organic Liquid Castile Soap infused with lavender oil.

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2. Tanamera

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Tanamera's line of organic hair products includes shampoo, conditioners, treatment creams, and hair serums, each expertly produced to address a range of concerns at a reasonable price. 

Tatler's Pick: A sensorial experience with aromatic and nourishing plant oils and herbal extracts, Tanamera Hair Strengthening Shampoo will transport you to a higher realm of relaxation.

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3. Wunderbath

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Wunderbath's bath bombs are not only soothing but uniquely creative in design for a truly delightful bath experience. They unfold in delectable fragrances as well as an array of mesmerising colours. 

Tatler's Picks: The Stardust Bath Bomb and the Wunder Surprise Bath Bombs are colourful bestsellers.

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4. Hyang

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Above Photo: @hyangofficial/Instagram

Hyang's Diffusing Stones are delicate ornaments that smell as beautiful as they look. The stones are soft and naturally porous, making them highly effective in absorbing essential oils within themselves, and they therefore double as both a scenting device and a decorative piece. In accordance with its belief that the home should be toxin-free, Hyang uses exclusively non-toxic, all-natural and 100% pure essential oils to craft aromas that provide an exceptional olfactory experience.

The Diffusing Stones hold scents for a very long duration, unlike conventional diffusers that only exude aromas while they are functioning, and adding five to ten drops of their essential oils on a daily basis is all you need to do. 

Tatler's Pick: The unique and aesthetically pleasing Vulcan Diffusing Stone will set the scene for an indulgent day at home. 

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5. Putrayana

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Putryana recently introduced a new line of skincare products that incorporates neurocosmetics technology, one of the most advanced today. Inspired by the Japanese concept of Shirin-Yoku, meaning forest-bathing, the technology stimulates neurogenic responses to refresh the skin’s mediators and thus aid in healthier and more radiant skin.

Tatler's Pick: A luxurious blend of essential and exotic oils, the Essential Aromatics Face Oil complements the gua sha for a relaxing facial massage. 

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6. The Mineraw

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Proudly vegan and free from artificial colourants and synthetic fragrances, The Mineraw uses gentle ingredients such as green tea and aloe vera that are great for the skin. Take the Skin Quiz on its website for a quick assessment to make an informed purchasing decision.

Tatler's Pick: The ultra-cooling Hydrate Gel Face Mask is perfect for once-a-week night pampering. 


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