Beauty has always been a very abstract concept, but Rhian Ramos and Dr. Vicki Belo manage to define it in their own terms quite well

Dr Vicki Belo is no stranger to beauty. In fact, she's one of the people we know who've made it her whole life and advocacy. That isn't to say that she finds beauty exclusive, however. In fact, the renowned dermatologist says, " Everyone looks beautiful, you just need to do little tweaks to make them the best version of themselves." In her opinion, beauty is all about balance, harmony, and symmetry and is divested of trends or other people's opinions. “Beauty is its own reason for being," she explains. "We’re not doing it for other people. [My clients] just want to feel good in their own skin.”

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Rhian Ramos' definition of beauty is a little different. For the actress, beauty is self-confidence. “I think every decade, you care a little less," she jokes. Now in her 30's, Ramos looks as fresh as she did in her younger years. But, she says, she's not as self-conscious. “I think what’s important now is when I look in the mirror, I like what I see". 

Of course, it's no surprise that Ramos has managed to maintain her youthful glow. Her healthy morning routine involves working out and preparing for the day head. “I like getting a fresh start, every single morning," she says. She begins the day by lighting a scented candle and then proceeds to begin her workout, which involves plenty of strength training. After that, she'll have a cup of tea and look over her scripts. A shower follows, and then her morning skincare routine, which is complemented by FillMed's holistic line of products. 

"In isolation, I’ve learned to love myself. To go easy on myself," she says. While in her twenties, Ramos had also struggled with what most twentysomethings do: doubt. There was the constant worry of whether or not she was "doing enough" or wasting her time. But now, she realises: "If I spend too much time living life the way others expect me to I’ll never be truly happy." 

In this way, Ramos and Dr Belo share the same idea on beauty: it should not be dictated by others. Instead, it should come from within yourself. Both Ramos and Dr Belo also agree that beauty comes from constantly striving to be the best version of ourselves. This is why they've chosen to incorporate FillMed into their routines. A favourite for both women, FillMed has helped Dr Belo and Ramos feel more secure, more confident, and much happier in themselves—for themselves. 

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