From soothing waves to skylines, we explore the depths to discover the inspiration behind Dr. Max Huber's world-renowned skincare line, La Mer

The La Mer journey began when Dr. Max Huber, an aerospace physicis by day and star-gazer by night, hoped to tap into the healing power of the sea. 12 years of research led to the groundbreaking discovery of fermenting sea kelp into a miracle skincare forumla which has inspired intrigue and cult-like adoration from fans around the globe.

In the spirit of Dr. Huber, La Mer hosted a wonderfully inspiring “Ways to Love La Mer” exhibition at Harbour City from June 21 to 25, where guests were able to  experience the soothing power of the sea through art and music.

The "Ways to Love La Mer" exhibition was a sumptuous display of ocean-inspired creativity, beauty and movement, featuring original artworks by Hong Kong-based impressionist painter Martin Lever. 

In collaboration with La Mer,  singer and song producer Khalil Fong also debuted his ocean-inspired song featuring Diana Wang. 

The event opened with live performances by vocal talents AGA and Janice Vidal, each of whom performed intimate versions of Bobby Darin's classic hit “Beyond the Sea” and “Under the Sea” from Disney's The Little Mermaid. 

Above Khalil Fong's ocean-inspired song featuring Diana Wang (Video: Courtesy of Khalil Fong)

An intricate centerpiece in the shape of a large white music box played a serene version of the famous “La Mer” melody by French composer Charles Trenet. The tune streamed from a series of miniature versions of Hong Kong’s skyline. 

Surrounded by gentle, flowing music, Lever’s display artworks took visitors through a stunning visual journey of Hong Kong’s coastal waters, underscoring the beauty of the city’s natural wonders and the need to protect them for future generations.


Each “Groundscape” told the story of Hong Kong’s iconic beaches from a bird’s eye perspective, representing the importance of looking at our world from another point of view.

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