For a grand night out like the 29th Malaysia Tatler Ball, gown and glamour are fundamental garnishes to any honourable guest’s look. To complement their designer outfits, high society ladies entrust their appearance to the magicians of makeup and hairstyling, famous for their craft in beautifying the most prominent faces, as commissioned for glossy magazine covers and memorable photoshoots. Should you need a reference for celebrity hair and makeup artists for an upcoming function, scroll on for the Tatler-approved directory.

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Kay Tuan 

From beachy waves to pageant hairdos, Kay Tuan is the man responsible for many a showbiz starlet’s coif. Kay brings out the best of a woman’s innate personality by way of her hair – his magic touch runs a gamut of empirical society cover stories the likes of Amira Geneid, Puteri Nurul Nadirah and Kristine Goh.

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Bibian Leong 

Bibian Leong may keep things low key, but the edgy hair whisperer is the go-to of entertainment’s leading ladies, including Juliana Evans, Fyza Kadir and Carey Ng. Not only is Bibian swift, attentive, and charming, she also has a knack for teasing strands into bolder forms that of high fashion editorials. 

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Cody Chua 

Tress-transformer Cody Chua counts fashionistas like Marion Caunter and Scha Alyahya as his high-flying clientele. When he’s not taming and sculpting hair into edgy styles, he is highly in demand for fashion shows and bridal hairdos – so much so that he has dedicated a #codychuabride hashtag showcasing these crowning hairpieces.

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Gavin Soh

A long-time hairstylist-makeup artist to Malaysia Tatler, Gavin is adored for his professionalism, so much so that our society friends keep going back to him again and again. The double-duty beauty whiz is responsible for Chryseis Tan’s cover shoot look, and a trio of ladies for a Van Cleef & Arpels video, just to name a few.

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CKay Liow 

Not only is CKay Liow the go-to hairstylist to stars the likes of Nur Fazura and Tengku Iman Afzan, he has also carved a name for himself in the fashion circuit. From glamour high fashion to bridal statement har, CKay is a maestro, regardless if it’s bridal crowning glory of Melissa Sin or cover girl Pandelela Rinong’s sleek hairdo.

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Shallee Lee

A hair and makeup all-rounder, Shallee Lee is highly recommended for her cheerful and speedy work ethics. She’s grown a following among brides to achieve their dream look-of-a-lifetime, but she’s also lent her beautifying chops for shoots and formal functions under her very own Tale Makeover Studio. Nadia Nasimuddin, Elyna Effendi and Datin Sri Eannes Chop are some of the ladies Shallee has primed for our shoots.

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Shiyo Joo

Specialist makeup artist to bigwig beauty brands and celebrities alike, Shiyo is also a firm favourite among brides like Ju Nn Phang. His clientele include showbiz darling Nora Danish, and social influencers like Izara Aishah and Juliana Evans – so if you’ve always wanted to look like a movie star, you know who to call.

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Syed Faisal 

They say the eyes are the window to one’s soul, and Syed Faisal is here to make your peepers pop. Syed is gifted with the ability to make one’s eyes smolder, smize and speak, lending dimension with clever strokes and shading. Syed is a particular favourite for beauty shoots and brides, having beautified the gazes of Datin Vivy Yusof, Tasha Fusil and Kelly Roza.

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Khir Khalid 

A globe-trotting makeup maestro to the stars, Khir Khalid’s touch is sought after by big names like Neelofa, Carey Ng and Raja Jesrina Arshad, to name a few. His ability to discern a woman’s desired look or achieve the mood for a photoshoot keeps his calendar occupied, so if you need a makeup artist on the fly, waste no time in hitting the dial.

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KF Bong

Another familiar name on the beauty front as well as high society circuit is this A-list makeup artist, KF Bong. KF has been instrumental in many a Tatler shoot, including Aidil Azman and Suhaili Micheline's April 2018 cover and Kristine Goh’s July 2015 cover. When he’s not beautifying regulars like Nur Fazura or transforming brides like Melissa Sin, KF runs his very own eyelash brand.

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Irena Adam

Irena Adam is a favourite among the highest echelons of society, including members of royalty, honorary ladies and business moguls, the likes of Gabrielle Tan-Helfman, Datin Lara Hussein and Brunei’s Princess Hajah Rashidah Sa'adatul Bolkiah. She has also extended her makeover expertise for major brands like YSL Beauty, La Mer and Clé De Peau Beauté.

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Sheng Saw

Sheng Saw’s portfolio spans a variety of shoots and events, and the same goes for his depth and aptitude to making up prominent ladies. Sheng has uplifted the features of beauty queens like Kavita Sidhu and Deborah Henry, royals like Tengku Shaheera and brides like Lim May Jian. It goes to show that Sheng has a way with features across the spectrum.

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Geraldine Loy 

It’s no secret that Geraldine Loy’s name is a keyword in the local beauty industry – Geraldine has a way with creating refined and exacting makeup for beauty campaigns and editorial features, with a specialty in colours. Trained in Tokyo, Geraldine’s work can be found in our archived stories on Melissa Sin, Lee Yin Yen’s cover story, and even extending to a men’s grooming shoot.

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Joey Yap

Whenever a shoot arises, Joey Yap is one of the firsts on our speed dial – we know she’s someone to count on for spot-on makeup of our VIP personalities and themes. Joey has bestowed her magic touch on the likes of Marion Caunter and Alicia Amin for the Malaysia Tatler Weddings 2018 cover. She’s also a firm favourite among the rich and famous like fashionista Kim Raymond.

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