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Here's how you can care for your skin—before, during and after some fun in the sun

We know you know the drill, but there’s more to keeping your complexion primed and ready for the sun when one takes the whole 'being exposed to every other environmental stressor out there’ into account. Whether it’s the general heat and humidity of Malaysian weather or the UV light we encounter both indoors and out, pre- and post-suncare will help to mitigate long-lasting damage and helps to maintain the strength of our skin barrier.

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1. From head to toe

The basic science of it is this: the rest of your body is just as much a temple as your complexion.

For healthier scalps, be wary of ingredients like parabens or sulfates as they may be the cause of hair loss, dandruff and itching. Opt for more natural ingredients like plant-based surfactants instead and hair serums—particularly those infused with alpha keratin or argan oil can go a long way to keep those tresses happy.

While dermatologists and beauty gurus these days have stressed the importance of moisturising as well as applying sunscreen neck-up, we tend to cut corners when it comes to giving our bodies (and the tops of our heads) the all-star treatment—but if you want to save time while looking flake-and-ashy-free, sugar scrubs formulated with nourishing plant oils such as Drunk Elephant’s Sugared Koffie Almond Milk Body Scrub, are the way to go.

Cap things off by pampering yourself with your favourite moisturiser. For those who hate the tacky, icky feeling of oils and heavy creams, Fenty Beauty’s Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream, for example, gives you that luxurious sheen but none of stickiness. It's also incredibly nourishing, packed with Kalahari melon, baobab and sunflower oils.

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2. SPF is serious business

So, what you need to know is what kind is better for your skin type and how much to apply.

Sensitive complexions prone to redness and irritation may fare better with a mineral-based physical sunblock, which reflects UV rays as it contains zinc and titanium oxide. A chemical sunscreen, however, absorbs UV rays and prevents them from entering the skin, converting them into heat that is released from the body.

To reap the full benefits of SPF, layer your sunscreen that’s equivalent to the length of three fingers, and take care to apply not only to the face, but your ears, the entirety of your neck as well as your chest. For those who want extra fortification, remember to apply before make-up as a foundation with SPF doesn't quite cut it.

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3. Post-Suncare is important too

While we know that using sunscreen and protective clothing help to shield ourselves from the elements, cleansing, cooling and moisturising the skin after a day out prevents enlarged pores and inflamed skin. Spritz your face with a layer of mist after cleansing to avoid the skin from losing its moisture. And to lock that moisture in, feel free to layer your favourite moisturisers. Key ingredients such as centella asiatica can further strengthen and soothe the skin barrier.

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