Cover Sara Kuburic and Jameela Jamil partner with The Body Shop on its Self Uprising campaign

Jameela Jamil and Sara Kuburic have been long-time advocates of self-love, making them the perfect ambassadors for The Body Shop's Self-Love Uprising Campaign

To cope with the anxiety caused by this global pandemic, many people have turned to the calming world of skincare and beauty to treat themselves to a little self-love. This in turn sparked a bigger conversation about self-love, which then evolved into an empowering movement to inspire confidence and body-positivity among women.

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This message resonates with Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop, who believes that beauty is about an active, outward expression of everything you like about yourself.

Expanding on this philosophy, The Body Shop launched the Self Uprising Campaign, which kickstarted on International Women's Day on March 8. Through this campaign, women are reminded about the importance of showing self-love and The Body Shop is giving them a safe space to share their journey.

The faces of the campaign are The Good Place actress and activist Jameela Jamil and self-described millennial therapist Sara Kuburic who boasts 770k followers on Instagram. The two feminists have made a name for themselves as advocates for radical self-love and are role models for young women. 

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Here, they share more about this partnership with The Body Shop as well as their individual journeys of self-acceptance.

Jameela has been vocal about her struggles with body image. In recent years, she has highlighted how media headlines and social media have been detrimental to young women's mental health. Her efforts to raise awareness of body shaming and courage to acknowledge the pressures to fit into a specific beauty stereotype have won praise in the South Asian community.

She also founded her own I Weigh campaign to further her message of self-empowerment. According to its official website, "I Weigh is a community allyship platform built to share ideas and stories that ultimately mobilise activism. We offer a place for original content that explores social issues that stem from mental health to climate change to the representation of marginalised groups. Through this powerful content we’re committed to breaking down different stereotypes in the world; teaching each other how to practically and effectively use our time and energy to make actual change both in our own communities and globally."

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Jameela believes that I Weigh's mission aligns with The Body Shop's campaign. "Being a fan of the brand since I was a teenager, they have always been about how we can show ourselves even more love," says Jameela. "They believe in true self-care and they’re taking it beyond the physical to include our mental health."

Jameela encourages the younger generation to speak their truth.

As a woman, being proud of yourself and believing you are ‘enough’ as you are, is an act of social and political resistance.



Kuburic is reconceptualising therapy for a new generation. Born and raised in Canada, Kuburic has reconnected with her Balkan roots by spending time in the Middle East and Europe. She currently resides in Australia.

"The Body Shop is the very first campaign I’ve taken on because I hadn’t found a brand that focuses on mental health like The Body Shop," reveals Kuburic. "I love it because their self-love index resonates with my own practice as well." 

Speaking of which, The Body Shop conducted its own study called the Global Self Love Index, which is a long-term commitment by the company to build and re-build self-esteem among women. 

Self-love is many things, but it starts with the recognition and appreciation of our inner worth and value. It gives us permission to be our authentic selves. Self-love is the act of using our voice and standing up for what we believe in. It is the act of creating change and of surrounding ourselves with people who support our journey.

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