These treatments will have you looking date-ready from head to toe in under two hours

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Multi-Nutrient Glow at Epion Aesthetics

While most facials certainly do bring an immediate glow to our complexion, the last thing we want is for the redness from extractions and exfoliations to settle in while we are in the middle of our Valentine’s Day date. If you are in need of a quick glow-up with no down-time, Epion Aesthetics’ Multi-Nutrient Glow facial promises to have you radiant and walking out of the door in 90 minutes.

What I really appreciated was how the treatment didn’t require you to change into a robe—simply lie down on the treatment bed and you’re good to go. Starting with a basic cleanse to remove makeup and grime, a tri-active peel is applied to chemically exfoliate dead skin cells on the surface. You’ll feel a tingling sensation on your skin as it works its magic, but it will be over in about 10 minutes.

Then, instead of a manual extraction, an ultrasonic cleansing device—resembling a spatula—is used to ease oil and blackheads out of your pores with vibrations.  It’s only mildly uncomfortable compared to the pain of extractions, and you get the satisfaction of seeing gunk that was previously resting on your skin floating in the solution after.

After the deep cleanse, three serums boasting brightening botanical extracts, retinol and vitamin C are infused into the skin with sonophoresis, delivering the active ingredients deep within your skin using ultrasound and heat. All these nutrients are locked in with a self-heating clay mask, a relaxing last step to the treatment. The nutrient-rich facial may leave your skin looking shiny at first, but I found that it was fully absorbed into my skin after about two hours, with zero redness. I would recommend booking this facial the day before your date for a naturally radiant complexion.

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Cellulite Buster at Estheclinic

Jetting off for a romantic weekend on an island paradise this Valentine’s Day? If you’re like me, then your biggest concern before slipping into the bikini you’ve been keeping in your closet is cellulite—the bane of most women. Try as I might, I’ve never managed to get rid of the appearance of the “orange-peel” around my thighs.

So when I heard of Estheclinic’s quick-fix Cellulite Buster, there was no reason not to give it a shot. The treatment was surprisingly simple and fuss-free—combining radiofrequency and vacuum suction technology, a handpiece is used to massage and smooth out the skin on my thighs as I laid on the treatment bed. There was a slight aching sensation at the start when the vacuum was activated, but it quickly became rather comfortable as the device warmed up to about 41 to 42 degrees Celcius.

According to my therapist, the vacuum suction helps to break down fats and improve blood circulation in the deepest layers, while the radio-frequency uses heat to melt fat cells and tighten skin.

The results were immediate—after treating the cellulite on one thigh, I was amazed by how visibly lifted and smooth it appeared compared to the other. The entire treatment was done in less than 30 minutes, but as quick fixes go, my newly-toned thighs only lasted for up to four days (so time it right before your big date).

For optimal results, a series of six to 10 once-weekly sessions is recommended, which will also help increase the metabolism of energy in fat cells, and stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin fibres.

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Oxy V-Lift at IDS Aesthetics

Puffiness is not a good look, especially before a special date. But with the advancement of non-surgical treatments, a V-shaped contour can be easily achieved in under an hour. The Oxy V-Lift facial at IDS Aesthetics promises to do just that, leaving your face toned and lifted within 50 minutes.

The treatment first started with a double cleanse using the brand’s very own milk and foam cleanser to rid makeup and impurities from my skin. Most importantly, it prepared it for the next round of exfoliation which was done through a vacuum-like suction to gently remove any dead skin cells.

Next up was the main event: the Oxy Bipolar Lift. Through the process of electropermeabilisation, a series of short yet high-voltage pulses were sent into my skin, penetrating it with Instant Lift ampoules for a more obvious transformation. This was exciting, because who doesn’t want a more chiselled face?

The 20-minute step felt unusually tingly, and rightfully so since it’s essentially giving your facial muscles a workout. Starting from the right side of my face, my therapist traced my jawline in an upward motion from my chin to my hairline, before slowly working the rounded, stainless steel tips from the corner of my nose to my cheekbones.

To help soothe my freshly zapped facial muscles, a quick Oxy spray was applied, followed by a hydrating sheet mask. Fifteen minutes later, I was thrilled to see the results for myself. Although subtle, my cheekbones seemed more lifted and my laugh lines were also less visible. My skin also felt more taut than usual, which lasted for the first day. I definitely saved a lot of time from my makeup routine the next morning without having to #contour and #conquer.

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Rosebud Vajuvenation at Strip

Grooming your vulva used to be limited to the pain of hair removal, but now there’s so much you can do for your lady parts, including a facial. Strip’s Rosebud Vajuvenation gives your vulva the TLC it needs, making it plump and supple before your sexy Valentine’s night in.

Best performed on hair-free skin, I tried out Rosebud Vajuvenation after Strip’s AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) hair removal, so it acted as a comfortable and soothing step to my aftercare.

Using the salon’s unique Thermal O2 technology, Rosebud Vajuvenation felt similar to the Cellulite Buster I’ve tried, combining radio-frequency, vacuum suction and heat energy to lift, tighten and firm the vulva, and enhancing the blood and lymphatic circulation for plump and rosy skin.

A cream is applied to the Brazilian area before the applicator is rolled on repeatedly, which felt similar to a hot stone massage. I’m not going to lie—it felt awkward to lie on the treatment bed with my legs spread at one point, but the treatment is over in just 30 minutes, after a cooling and hydrating mask is applied to soothe the skin.

The results are immediately visible too, and considering I don’t usually pay much attention to my lady parts, I definitely didn’t know it could look this good!