She may be constantly on the go, but she’s always a-glow, all thanks to the Decorté Moisture Liposome Pre Serum Booster.


Don’t let her carefree spirit, generous giggles and luxurious lifestyle trick you into thinking she’s another apple of Lady Luck’s eyes. Beneath it all, Melissa Sin is a hustler who works hard to get what she wants.

As the executive director of SKB Shutters Corporations Berhad, a typical day begins with a power-suited Melissa stepping into the office bright and early, meeting her team and following up with architects. In the occasion of construction site visits, Melissa gamely pulls on a pared-down outfit of hardhat, slacks and boots, ready to rough it out with  clients and contractors.

A rose among thorns she indeed is, with her flawless skin and healthy glow. “I travel a fair bit so the weather can be different from one place to another,” she said of the environmental changes from an air-conditioned office to the humid outdoors. For her, keeping well hydrated is key to acne-free skin .

When she’s not hitting the ground running with her family business, Melissa juggles overseas travels for work and leisure. Come sundown, her fun and loving nature surfaces at social parties, dressed to kill, with impeccable makeup to boot.

As if on cue, Melissa revealed to us the secret of her beautiful complexion, a twinkle in her eye. “I’ve been using the Decorté Moisture Liposome Pre Serum Booster everyday and night to boost hydration.”

Lightweight and ultra moisturing, the Pre Serum’s multilayered capsules measuring 0.1 micrometers condition her skin and enhance absorption of skincare and makeup, making it a versatile beauty essential.

Melissa follows up with another valuable tip: “Usually before my makeup, I’ll soak a cotton pad in Decorté Liposome Treatment Liquid and dab it around my face for 10 minutes. Then I’m ready to doll up.”

As part of her getting-ready routine, she’ll do a research on her look of the evening – be it to meet clients of The Bag Atelier, her bag customisation business, or a grand event – enjoying every moment of getting into the mood. 

 Photography: Allan Casal
Video: Area51 Studios
Makeup: Geraldine Loy using Decorte
Hair: Carole Lai/ Miko Galere
Location: Governor's Suite at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur 

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