Cover Photo: Colors Hair Salon

Colors Hair Salon in River Valley makes its customers fill out a questionnaire about their personal style and more before they begin their hair consultation. Read about our experience below

Visiting a hair salon in Singapore is usually straightforward and follows a certain standard. You’ll first be shown to your dedicated seat at the salon and given light refreshments, if any. Soon, you’ll be introduced to your hairstylist who will then advise you on a haircut or hair colour if you don’t have a preferred style in mind.

But have you had to fill out a questionnaire ahead of your hair treatment for the day?

Colors Hair Salon offers this unique requirement in which its customers are made to answer a series of questions before they begin their hair consultation. These questions range from their personality type to their sartorial sense as well as hair-related issues.

“This questionnaire is done to have a rough gauge of the condition of clients’ hair and of any ongoing concerns about their hair and scalp, which we can then address or take note before we proceed with any chemical services,” artistic stylist Issey Isaiah Xie shared.

“It enhances our consultation and makes it more clear.”

Tatler Singapore had the opportunity to experience a hair colouring service and haircut at the Japanese salon. Here’s how it went.

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How it began

Although Singapore has entered Phase 3 (Heightened Alert), several Covid-19 restrictions may still remain in place at beauty salons. As my date of visit happened right before dining-in restrictions were lifted, I was not given any refreshments throughout my treatment as food and beverage cannot be consumed or served at such establishments.

Once my temperature was taken, I sat down in a row of about five salon chairs and realised these were the only available seats in the house. The salon, located in the River Valley enclave, is small and cosy with bright yellow walls that set you in a positive mood for a fresh new look.

After filling in the questionnaire, I did not have to wait long until my hair consultation began. Based on my questionnaire responses, colour manager Anna Fujimoto chose a beige brown hair colour with bleached highlights for me.

Fujimoto said she felt the colour suited my overall image, which was “trendy yet casual” according to the questionnaire, as well as my skin undertone.

She added: “The colour customisation service is basically to match [customers'] skin undertone, eye colour and personality or dress sense to the hair colour that best complements their overall image.”

The treatment

The colouring process began swiftly and took around 45 minutes for the first segment. Fujimoto started by highlighting tiny sections of my hair (which Xie told me was a Japanese style of hair colouring) and letting this rest until the first wash. Following this, the base colour of my hair was switched up. In fact, my tresses were in dire need of a fresh coat of colour as my previous dye job was months ago. During my consultation, I also found out that our natural hair colour may sometimes be “too dull” and not necessarily bring out our best features—so this is something to note on your next visit to the hair salon.

After washing my hair for the second time, I was asked if the highlights were too strong for my taste and I could opt to tone it down. I did find it a little too brassy so a layer of toning liquid was applied to my hair for a good five minutes before the final wash.

The finale was, of course, the haircut. I told Xie that I did not want too short a look and would prefer chopping off about one to two inches (or the dry ends) of my hair. He fulfilled this and also introduced some layers within to give my hair some extra volume.

The end result

Although the change in colour was subtle, I welcomed the fresh new look. The highlights were also more obvious under natural light as compared to indoors, which I appreciated.

It’s been about a week since the hair cut and colour, and I’ve noticed the colour getting a little lighter with each wash. However, it has faded into a soft brown hue that has really grown on me. I was also advised to use purple shampoo (my favourite is The One by Kristin Ess) at least twice a week to maintain the hair colour. Purple shampoo helps to neutralise warm tones in bleached hair with cool, violet pigments so including this in your hair routine will help you avoid any of that unsightly brass-yellow or orange tones.

The haircut was much-needed as I’m guilty of using heated hair styling tools too often with too little heat protectant for my hair. My hair ends look much fresher and healthier, especially when pulled into a ponytail or twisted up with a claw clip. What I expected post-treatment was a healthier head of hair, and I think the salon managed to help me achieve this. Here’s hoping that I continue to be responsible for the upkeep of my hair!