“Since using these two products, my skin feels incredibly moist and supple again. I also noticed a brightening and lightening.”

elyna touch up.jpg (original size)For many ladies, the unforgiving tropical climate is a cause for numerous beauty issues, but the stakes are higher for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, like Elyna Effendi.

Not one to pass up her favourite activities like beach holidays and golf, Elyna still spends a bulk of her time outdoors, but at the cost of skin problems like brown spots and dullness. Since absorbing the Dior Prestige White Collection Light-In-Lotion and Light-In-Nectar as her beauty ritual, she’s discovered astonishing improvement to her skin.

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Backed by Dior Science, the Dior Prestige White Collection is the answer to luminous, glowing skin using the very best of nature. At the heart of this breakthrough formula is the Rose de Granville, specially designed for skin regeneration with its exclusive combination of 8 molecules. In joint force with the Dior White Rose that reactivates light to scatter across skin’s every layer, cellular renewal is stimulated, and pigmentation, visibly diminished.
edit S319_PRESTIGE_WHITE_17_P01A_Crop_DP_ANA_F39_HR.jpg (original size)This powerful outcome is only achieved by the exclusive Light-In-Lotion and Light-In-Nectar; the former being a daily lotion with rose micro-peel and the latter, a light-activating serum that works deep to stimulate light circulation, enhanced with a TranslumineScience technology.

 On top of experiencing visible brightening to Elyna’s skin, the product also suits the mother-of-two’s lifestyle, since she’s replaced them as her beauty regime.

 She says: I do spend quite a bit of time outdoors so brown spots have started to appear. Since using these two products, though, my skin feels incredibly moist and supple again. I also noticed a brightening and lightening around the areas with brown spots.

 Sensorially, I absolutely love the texture. It’s light enough to the touch but leaves just the right amount of moisture. The scent, too, is sublime – the perfect balance for me. Application is easy and smooth and a couple pumps go a long way.

 I don’t always wear makeup on a daily basis. But if Im going out in the evening I apply the products before putting on anything else. Makeup seems to glide on smoother, and this product leaves a nice film.

 Overall, it’s been a joy using these products, they’ve added a new dimension to my skin which I haven't felt in a long time. It has made me more confident about leaving the house with less makeup on. Honestly, these have been one of my favourite skincare products so far.”

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