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What better way to celebrate the liveliest time of the year than to give yourself a fresh mani?

Spring is around the corner, and our wardrobes aren’t the only thing we’ll be breathing new life in. The arrival of the warmer season also denotes a great timing to switch up your nail art for a new look. Lovely florals, sweet pastels and sparkling gems... if you’re struggling to find the trendiest manicure ideas for springtime, we’re here to help you out.  
Experts at some of the city’s most high-end nail salonsThe Nail Library, EightyEight and Flawless Spa—have shared a few beautiful spring nail art designs that are going to be popular this year. It's time to step up your nail art game all the way: 

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Negative space

Hear us out on this one. Or, rather, hear Nancy Lau, Manager at The Nail Library out: “This time around, we saw the ever-popular negative space designs are flooding our feeds with a contrast between bright colours (or glitter) and nude, clear polishes.” 
Try a couple of light, breezy colours such as baby blue with glitter, bright yellow or even neon hues against a backdrop of a nude base coat. Even there's only one colour (or two, if you really can't decide) applied, it’s bright enough to make you stand out in the crowd.

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Creamy tones

Nothing feels more inherently spring fresh than creamy nail polishes. To get in on the trend, try the pearly light pink shade and pair it with lavender-coloured blooms and leaves. “It looks like we’ll be seeing more of lavender-inspired nails this season, and creamy pink colour is a consistently popular spring nail polish you need to try,” says Lau.  
What's more, lavender is a feminine, elegant colour that symbolises calm, new hopes and growth, which is exactly the kind of energy we want to bring with us into springtime. Looking refreshing and delicate, this design is sure to boost your mood instantly. 

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Playful pastels

You heard it here first: pastel tones will be going strong (as usual) for spring this year, but they’re coming back with a little twist. 
According to Ashely Wan, the nail artist of Gen.T lister Stephnie Shek's Eightyeight, soft pastel tones are still all the rage during springtime. Instead of going for the basic gradient style and painting your nails with different shades from the same colour family, consider executing the trend with playful patterns and marble effects.
Start with pastel base coats such as baby pink, gentle nude hues with glitter, then make it lively with tile patterns, floral details and bee charms. You'd be hard-pressed not to smile every time you look at your hands. 

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Romantic starry nights

Inspired by “classic blue”, Pantone’s 2020 colour of the year, this beautiful nail art design is a perfect way to stand out amongst all the pastels and bright colours this season. “Blue will be big in 2020, and you don’t have to wait for the temperature to drop to wear the colour”, says Wan, who has a bright idea of creating a design that conjures up visions of starry skies in spring.  
Combine splashes of blue tones—such as indigo, sapphire and navy blue—for the base coat of two to three fingers on one hand with marble swirls. Then, add a few small golden star decals to complete the celestial pattern. For the rest of the fingernails, let them shine in a milky-white base with gold details.

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Minimalism, with a dreamy twist

Fancy having a simple set of nails without sacrificing any chic? Forget about French manicure and single-tone designs, because one of the trendiest ways to achieve minimalistic nail art this season, is to play with diamonds and an ombré of nude and white colours.  
“Diamonds are season-less, and the combination of a basic nude base with florals is sure to brighten up your everyday look,” states Wan. White flowers are paired with thin gold lines and smudge marble textures on a glossy nude base, which feels especially clean and classy. For the sparkle-inclined, we suggest adding a few gemstones on top or painting the ring fingers with metallic silver nail polish for a more elegant result. 

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Spring flowers

Unlike the classic French manicure that features simple white tips and ultra-glossy nude bases, the 2020 version is way more fun and livelier with floral notes and pops of colour.  
“French mani is always popular and we’ve seen an increasing number of clients requesting modern takes on the classic design,” says Olympe Thomas, Spa Manager at Flawless Spa. This spring, two of our favourite trends—florals and French manicure—are coming together to create an artsy, dainty nail look that would work perfectly with your springtime ensembles. 
Simply apply a milky-white base coat, then swap the white tips out for hand-painted watercolour florals. You may also add a few jewels to give your nails a sophisticated finish. 

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