Teo Yi Ping achieves her perfect brows by recognising her face shape and what will work best for it.

When it comes to our brows, Teo Yi Ping couldn’t have put it better when she said, “they bring out the character in our faces."  

They don’t only serve the biological purpose of diverting sweat from our eyes, they “are distinctive features that define, shape and mould our faces”. 

We get Yi Ping, who, like mum Puan Sri Lisa Teo, always has her brow affair on point, to share more of her tips because like she said, “if you have the perfect eyebrows that suit your face shape, your features are automatically accentuated". 

How do you personally like your eyebrows?

I like it thick and bold. However my eyebrows are of a medium thickness, so they're not too thick for my face shape. 


How would you describe your typical eyebrow style?  

I have a long face shape so my eyebrows are a straight with medium thickness followed by a gentle arch. Usually the eyebrow tail is extended straight  across, and this helps to highlight my features. 


What makes up your eyebrow kit? 

Make Up Forever Eyebrow Pencil, Brow Shaping Brush from Bobbi Brown, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duality Highlighter, Lashfood Brow Enhancing Gelfix.

How do you draw on your eyebrows?

First, I map out my eyebrows by shading and outlining the shape/arch that I want. I normally use light and short strokes to gently fill in the body of my eyebrows in the direction my hair grows. I then use a brush to blend in the shading of the pencil with my hair so that it looks more uniform and natural. 

For special occasions like evening functions, I will apply a highlighter under my eyebrows to instantly add a lift, making my eyes glow and stand out. 


How do you make them stay on all day through sweat/grime/moisture?

The Make Up Forever Eyebrow Pencil that I use has a smooth and light texture thus it gives a soft, dry finish and ensures a long lasting hold. 

Are you a fan of plucking, threading or waxing? Why?  

I prefer trimming and tweezing - I usually just pluck the stray hairs around my eyebrows and trim my hair when it gets too long. I don't thread or wax because I like to maintain the natural shape and thickness of my eyebrows. Also, make up doesn't stick to waxed skin.


Do you have a fast way to do your eyebrows in the morning when you’re short on time?

I spend at least 10 mins perfecting my eyebrows. I can skip the lipstick and mascara - eyebrows are more important. 


What’s the one eyebrow tool/makeup you cannot live without?

Tweezers! This is such a vital item. Chase those stray hairs away! 



(Photos: Teo Yi Ping and respective brands)


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