The designer and part-time model with sensitive skin found her elixir for good skin in all-natural products like organic rosehip and tea tree oils.

When it comes to beauty, our skin is perhaps one of the most unpredictable and difficult to maintain. We can be using the best products in the market but unexplainable breakouts can still occur. Many triggers of breakouts also lie outside of our control, like hormones, pollution and everyday stress.

“I’m quite sensitive to the haze and I can break out when I use heavy makeup or too much hairspray,” shares Shana Azahari, the talented founder and designer behind AZOOI Art Bags & Clutches.

The designer, who also part-times as a model, admits to having tried dozens of brands over the years before finding her secret formula. We got her to share with us what some of her discoveries are.

What is your rule of thumb when it comes to your skin?

Keep it clean.


What skincare range do you use?
I actually just use a milk cleanser, the most accessible would be Simple. Then I use Sukin’s Rosehip Oil moisturiser about once a day. If I were to subscribe to anything extra, it would just be Rosehip Oil.


What’s your favourite thing about it?
It’s easy and I won’t suffer if I lose my luggage or something -- I can pick up a replacement that my skin is already used to. And that’s really important with skincare; consistency.

Simple Purifying Milk Cleanser, Sukin Rose Hip Oil Hydrating Day Dream, Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil


Share with us 3 habits you practice daily to care for your skin.
Cleanse with a milk cleanser and cotton wool twice, wash your face with water and then put a minimal amount of moisturiser on your whole face and neck.


Do you have a favourite night serum that you swear by?

No, but if my skin is very tired, a few drops of rose hip oil massaged over your neck and face is a wonderful, wonderful way to treat your skin. 

Clinique Almost Powder Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15, Clinique Blush, Boot’s Witchhazel and Tea Tree Oil Concealer

How do you choose the right makeup for your skin?

As I have sensitive skin, I’ve tried lots of different brands and have actually found my one essential makeup item -- Boot’s Witchhazel and Tea Tree Oil concealer. I found this gem in my final year in university and have never looked back. I make anyone coming back from UK bring back at least 2 sticks for me. It doesn’t gunk up your skin and feels very natural. It blends very well and is supposed to be healing to your skin too! 

For the more special occasions where more makeup would only be polite, I use a Clinique Almost Powder Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 and blusher from them too. I tend not to use eye makeup much but I swear by dark, matte eyeshadows to just shade in your eyes and your cheekbones.


After a late night out with friends, what’s your secret to taking makeup off fast when you’re tired to the bone?
Baby oil and then a milk cleanser- everything will come off really quickly.


Are there any foods in particular that you try to stay away from for your skin?
Oil, sugar and alcohol.


Alternatively, are there any superfoods that you found helps?
Turmeric, honey and any source of vitamin C.




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