When it comes to her hair, Indah Jonasson steers clear away from the blowdryer whenever possible and ups her intake of fruits and vegetables.

If there is one thing most ladies spend incredible amounts of time, money and effort on, it would be her hair. A woman’s crowning glory tells a lot about her. It spills secrets to her health and how well she is taking care of her body. We can fake perfect skin and hide facial flaws with some makeup, which can be highly effective if done right as Jasiminne Yip shows us, but little can be done to emulate thick, shiny hair.

Indah Jonasson

“Hair is the very first thing people notice when they look at you,” shares Indah Jonasson, social media sweetheart and fashionista, who is hardly missed at social events around town. “Moreover, a haircut or a particular hairdo has a lot to say about your personality and style. A truly amazing hairstyle will improve your overall appearance from head to toe,” she adds.

Having spotted Indah and her long flowing hair at countless social events as well as in our Malaysia Tatler pages, we asked her what her secret was to such healthy, luscious locks. We were surpised to learn she keeps the amount of products that go into her hair at a bare minimum as she “hates the feeling of product in her hair”.


Long hair is never easy to maintain, how do you keep yours looking so bouncy and lively?

I always let my hair down and hardly tie it up and I pamper my hair twice a month with special hair treatment to wash out any build-up.

At home I have been using KIEHL’S Ultimate Thickening Shampoo. It helps reinforce hair strands for a noticeably thicker, healthy-looking appearance and improved scalp coverage. For conditioner, I like the KIEHL’S Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner as it effectively detangles and helps restore a healthy look to hair, leaving it smooth and shiny, without weighing it down. Every once in a while, I apply Kérastase Specifique Cure Intense serum to help reduce hair loss and maintain my hair thickness.

You’ve been spotted with highlights in your hair during events. How do you keep damaged hair result of chemical treatments at bay?

I limit my colouring to twice a year max to keep my hair healthy; I always manage to time it. I go to the salon occasionally for special treatment as it detoxes my hair of any product build-up from weeks before – it’s a hair hangover cure.


Is there anything you do out of the ordinary that helps maintain your hair texture and quality?

Post-shower, I don’t put my hair in a traditional turban. I gently wrap the towel over my head and squeeze the water out – no rubbing! It damages hair and breaks it. Also I do not apply any oil on damp hair before blowdrying it. It will burn hair. I use oils after. The less heat the better; I always give my hair a blast with the hairdryer with my head upside down to take the edge off but most days I 'yoga' it dry with my morning stretch or just walk to work to air-dry it.


Ideally, how often do you wash your hair to keep it from drying out?

I wash my hair every other day, mostly in the morning so that my hair won’t be greasy and keeps looking fresh throughout the day.


Long, flowing hair is your signature look, will you try a short hairstyle one day? Like a pixie crop or bob?

I had bob haircut with bangs about two years ago. Now I love my long hair as it leaves me feeling very feminine.


Do you believe your diet plays a role in maintaining healthy hair?

I juice all my veggies and fruits, so it gets absorbed easier into the strands of my hair when I consume them, something that store-bought hair products cannot do.



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