Decorté Moisture Liposome Range presents the answer to healthy skin that automates hydration, conditioning and recovery like clockwork.

Above Firm fan of Decorté, Kate Moss, reveals what she loves about the Moisture Liposome skincare experience

Like the vast expanse of skin, the largest organ of our body, such is the depth of care required for our individual skin needs. On top of that, exposure to stressors and pollutants throws skin off balance, making the need for savvier and versatile skincare an undeniable one.

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Above Decorté Moisture Liposome Pre-Serum Booster delivers trillions of multi-layered liposomes to hydrate skin where it's needed the most.

Forecasting this concern, Decorté introduced a unique technology of multi-layered liposomes – Small, delicate yet resilient enough to carry active ingredients, for skin-deep absorption, before gradually releasing hydration. The Moisture Liposome Pre-Serum Booster was launched in 1992 to an iconic status, loved by users of all skin types for exceptional moisturising and skin conditioning properties.

Intended to promote hydration through trillions of multi-layered liposomes, the Decorté Moisture Liposome cleverly detects dry areas, poor texture zones, and as prepares absorption of following skincare. Committed use of the booster visibly improves tone and a translucent effect, plumping up skin and promoting its immunity. 2-3 pumps are all you need, day and night, to see the effects unfold of this oil-free and alcohol free formula.

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Emboldened by this breakthrough, Decorté expanded the Moisture Liposome range with a Liposome Treatment Liquid in 2015. As a supportive product to the booster, this highly demanded liquid lotion contains softer and safer multi-layered liposome capsules. It also fine-tunes skin recovery; keeping it stable, restoring its former texture and tapping into its hydrating abilities.

The root of Decorté is in its values and ingredients, with an intuitive to all skin types, ages and climates. Purity lies in a formula free from oil and parabens, but potent in herb and plant extracts, for a relaxing effect.

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Embrace the skin you’re in with the ultra-hydrating Decorté Moisture Liposome range you so deserve. You’ll be surprised when your untapped beauty surfaces from innermost layers, with a little boost with Decorté.

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Above Decorté debuts a finer treatment with the Moisture Liposome Treatment Liquid, containing soft and safer liposome capsules in a liquid lotion
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