Shiseido Professional has a range of new home-care products to help you maintain shiny and healthy hair so it looks like it's fresh from a salon everyday.

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Luxuriously shiny and silky smooth hair has never been easier to achieve these days. A pop into your favourite salon and a quick treatment session is all it takes to rehydrate and nourish your tired tresses.

When it comes to choosing one, the Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Aqua Intensive is one of the most popular choices around and it is easy to see why. It curbs a myriad of hair concerns, weather it is dryness, chemical damage, sun fatigue or age factors. 

The Hair Care Aqua Intensive offers three different services: the Aqua Intensive Express Perfect Repair that will take only 10 minutes for rejuvenated hair; the Aqua Intensive Intensive Perfect Repair that indulges the senses with a 20-minute pampering session; and the Aqua Intensive Deep Perfect Repair that extends on the luxury for up to 25 minutes to pamper and repair on the deepest level for long-lasting lustre, softness and shine.

After the treatment, maintain that newly shiny and healthy hair with this new range of home-care products that you can use in the comforts of your own home.

A new shampoo, two beauty oils and a convenient pre-packed weekly hair mask will help keep your tresses shiny, silky and soft all day, every day until your next scheduled in-salon treatment.

Aqua Intensive Shampoo (Light) 

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One wash with this shampoo and you’ll wake up lightweight, voluminous hair that densifies with use as the formula plumps up individual strands with moisture thanks to its Aqua Mimic Technology. It gently cleanses the scalp and removes impurities without leaving behind any greasiness while optimising hair cuticle conditions, resulting in hair that gets steadily more resistant to damage.

Aqua Intensive Oil Unlimited(Silk)


Pamper your hair with more moisture after a thorough cleanse with this 2-layered oil that will penetrate individual strands with moisture, leaving it looking and feeling silky smooth. Developed with Shiseido’s new Lasting Veil Technology, royal jelly extract hydrates while argan oil seals in moisture to strengthen hair as well as further protect it from UV and heat damage.

Aqua Intensive Oil Unlimited (Velvet) 


For something more intense, this oil will tame thick unmanageable hair into a supple and shiny mane with royal jelly extract, argan oil and additional evening primrose oil. It works by actively optimising hair cuticles so hair becomes more resistant to damage and renews itself from within.

Aqua Intensive Shield 


If time really isn’t on your side, you’ll appreciate this special treatment that comes in convenient capsules. Once a week is all that’s required to coat the hair with its goodness, holding and locking in moisture so all the shine and lustre from your last treatment will last. 

These new additions are available for sale in all Shiseido Professional stores nationwide beginning November 2016. Log on to the official website here to locate a store near you.

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