What’s the best way to deal with the extended circuit breaker? We have the answer

Here we are, in our own homes—confined until June. There is only one way to make it through to the middle of 2020: You need to find calm in the space you have; because scooting out for multiple jogs a day will not do the trick (but really, that’s my excuse for not working out).

Self-care is more essential than ever. In the spirit of survival, may we suggest creating a little piece of heaven in your bathroom? It’s easy. Everything can be delivered to you.

Are you a working parent? I feel you. Overpopulated home? Got it. All the time on your hands? We know that isn’t easy either. But all you need to find is half an hour to reset and restore balance. Here's what you need: 

Tatler Asia
Terrazzo Candle Large
Above Tom Dixon Terrazzo Candle
Tatler Asia
Above Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser

Candles and diffusers

The right fragrance sets the mood, so put on some music, meditate and scent your room. 

It's the best time to finally light your unused candles, and to discover more. Net-a-porter and Escentials, both of which offer delivery, have a great curation of scented candles online. The most popular choice is the Tom Dixon's Terrazzo scented candle, housed in a sculptural vessel made from polished marble chips. The scent is fresh—perfect to start or end a #WFH day—with top notes of bergamot and lemon followed by green fig.

If you prefer something flame-free, the hourglass diffuser from Diptyque is an innovative alternative. Without the need for any heat or energy, simply flip the hourglass over to scent up a small room in one of Diptyque's most popular fragances, Baies. 

Tom Dixon is available online on Net-a-porter; Diptyque is available online on Escentials.

Tatler Asia
Above Aman Skincare

Scrubs and bath oils

There’s no better way to give your baths some spa-style indulgence than with Aman Skincare’s bath range, created by the Aman Resorts group. The bottles will make for a stunning shelfie—the sinuous vessels were designed by architect Kengo Kuma who was responsible for the 2020 Olympic stadium in Tokyo, and you’ll be happy to know that all materials and ingredients are sustainably sourced.

Tatler Asia

Find zen while using the stress-relieving Grounding amethyst bath and shower oil, a concoction infused with amethyst (yes, the precious stone is included), sandalwood and jasmine. The delicate scent relaxes and promotes inner peace.

From the same body care range, discover the Nourishing jade scrub and soak where the main ingredients include jade, calendula oil, and Himalayan salt. It's a scrub treatment that rejuvenates your body and mind, and leaves skin silky smooth. 

Available online at Aman

Haircare and combs

Founded by editorial hairstylist Helen Reavy who has worked on celebrities like Alicia Keys and Harry Styles, the botanical haircare line Act + Acre has proved to have both beauty and brawn.

The fully-recyclable chic bottles are worth an appearance on your Instagram feed, and the science behind the formula is ground-breaking: it's the first-ever cold-processed shampoo. Instead of the traditional heat process, ice-cold water and high pressure are used to maximise the level of nutrient content within the formula. There are only three products available: a weekly detox serum, a cleanse and conditioner. Hair is left unbelievably glossy and easy-to-manage, on top that—it just smells absolutely divine; making a hair wash at home quite an experience. 

Available online at Sephora.


Tatler Asia

Post shampoo, comb your tresses through with a Tangle Teezer. Its latest launch is the Fine & Fragile range, created for detangling wet, fragile hair with minimal damage. The handle option also makes it ideal for spreading out your conditioner and hair mask in the shower. 

Available online at Sephora.

On days that you’ve stayed home entirely and feel like you don’t need a hair cleanse, keep tresses dry in a very stylish Shhhowercap, which has a turban silhouette—you'll never see a showercap in the same light again. Don't limit it to your bathroom; it looks good enough for the pool too.

Available online at Net-a-porter.

Grooming products

Another delicious-smelling shampoo we love is the cult men's grooming line Morris Motley clay conditioning shampoo, which has notes of citrusy yuzu and smells almost as complex as a fragrance would be. Why clay? The mineral-rich ingredient is a natural alternative to harsh chemicals, yet is highly-effective in detoxifying and removing impurities. It reduces dandruff and frizz, while the reishi mushroom infusion also reduces hair loss. The shampoo-and-conditioner is recommended to be used once a week.

Available online at Morris Motley and Deckout

Tatler Asia
Above Doers of London

Following that, indulge the process of shaving with Doers of London, a men's grooming brand that has packaging with an attitude: the minimalist products are in striking white with various black hand-writing that serves up no-nonsense quotes, like “Cut the fluff” and “It starts at the top”, alongside its no-nonsense organic ingredients.

The Doers of London shave cream's formulation comes with the goodness of organic birch extract, grape seed oil and shea butter to protect and calm the skin to soothe sensitive skin post-shaving. 

Available online at Deckout, Sephora and Tangs.