Organic ingredients sourced in Borgo Santo Pietro's estate in Tuscany are bottled up to address every urbanite's skin woes

Brand-name shampoos, soaps and lotions are expected as a bathroom amenity at any five-star hotel. There are, however, luxury hotels that take it further—places truly invested in their guest's wellbeing that they go about the complicated process of creating their own range. Case in point: Borgo Santo Pietro, a charming Tuscan retreat that has recently unveiled Seed to Skin, a natural skincare line that is a reflection of their wellness ethos.

Five years in the making, Seed to Skin began as a passion project of Jeanette Thottrup, who along with her husband Claus, founded Borgo Santo Pietro. They are not traditional hoteliers—Claus was in the property industry while Jeanette worked as a fashion designer—but that didn't stop the Danish couple from creating one of the most thoughtful hotels we've ever encountered. The same approach serves as the foundation of Seed to Skin, which melds nature and science and draws from the location's "curative tradition dating back beyond 1129".

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The Hotel: A sanctuary for modern souls

To learn more about Seed to Skin, one has to understand its home—Borgo Santo Pietro. The couple fell in love with this parcel of land in Tuscany's Palazzetto, which was once a "healing stopover for medieval pilgrims". They originally planned on building a holiday home but instead transformed the 800-year-old farmhouse and its grounds into not just a hotel, but a thriving creative community. 

If the saying "il dolce far niente" were a place, then this intimate 20-room hotel would be it. At Borgo Santo Pietro, one can spend languid days lounging poolside, relish a relaxed meal at the Michelin-starred restaurant Meo Modo, and learn how to arrange flowers in the midst of their romantic gardens. From the driveway lined with cypress trees to the candles that dot the hotel come nighttime, everything here is imbued with polish but none of the pretension. The personal touches emphasise how this is clearly a labour of love for the Thottrups.

The Farm Estate: Thriving in the wild

The hotel, spa and farm are set on a 270-acre organically cultivated estate that keeps on growing in size and ambition. Borgo Santo Pietro has culinary and vegetable gardens, an artisan cheesemaking dairy, livestock including chicken and pigs, as well as two vineyards (they plan to release their own wine in a few years' time).

The farm influences the operations of the group especially their award-winning restaurants in-house and in Florence. Unsurprisingly, it has also shaped the Seed to Skin story. Some of the key ingredients in their products such as fresh sheep's milk and raw honey come from the estate. The body range, which is featured in all of the guestrooms, is infused with sheep's milk from their own Borgo flock, while raw honey gathered from their Borgo bees is also used in various products. 

The Spa: A study in sprezzatura

While every suite has Seed to Skin amenities allowing guests to try the products first-hand, nothing compares to a day spent at the heavenly Borgo Spa to really experience the healing power of the natural line. Walking through the perfectly imperfect gardens, you're trailed by the scent of lavender and the sound of chirping birds, which certainly sets the tone for sheer relaxation. 

The spa has everything a wellness connoisseur would expect but also has a few surprises up its sleeve. One highlight is the Seed to Skin Exotic Tuscan Candle Massage, which features a handmade candle consisting of moisturising agents such as avocado oil, coconut extract and shea butter that is put onto the skin and massaged using slow, long strokes. It literally melts the stress away and brings you to the deepest of slumbers—the kind of treatment that merits a return trip in itself. When you eventually do return, the Thottrups will have another surprise in store: a bigger spa they estimate to be ready in 2020.

The Products: Natural treasure

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Above The new laboratory and boutique is just a stone's throw away from the hotel

Seed to Skin became a reality through Thottrup's belief in alternative healing and the strong partnership with Italian pharmacist and cosmetologist Anna Buonocore. Both Thottrup and Buonocore are uncompromising in their vision of only using natural ingredients but are also committed to ensuring efficacy as well. 

Guests at Borgo can take a quick stroll to the recently-opened laboratory and boutique that carries the entire Seed to Skin range; it also offers a peek into how the products are made. Seed to Skin is also available outside Italy at the well-loved Liberty in London and via Net-a-Porter in Asia.

Keen to try? We've shortlisted our five favourite products in the slideshow below.

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