Are you tired of regularly seeing your cosmetics singled out as being harmful to health and the environment? Instead of constantly scrutinising the hundreds of products in your bathroom, do an eco-friendly edit by sorting through them and getting rid of everything that isn't in line with your environmental commitments

Say goodbye to cotton, brushes, nail polish and moisturisers; here are the best alternatives to make your bathroom more sustainable.

Farewell to cotton

It has been known for several years that cotton has a considerable impact on the environment. While many women have chosen to turn to organic cotton to remove their makeup, we are still a long way off from zero waste. But in fact, the solution is neither expensive nor complicated to implement: washable makeup removal squares or makeup removal wipes are the perfect alternatives. You won't have to put anything in the trash because you can throw them in with your laundry, and there are many tutorials to help you design them yourself. 

Brushes, but not just any kind

You are probably used to paying attention to the labels of your favourite cosmetics, but did you know that your brushes are likely made of natural animal hair? At least some of them are. In other words, animal well-being isn't really top of mind when you're looking for the brush that will help you achieve perfect contouring. Fortunately, more brands are offering alternatives that are not necessarily less effective. They may be slightly less supple but brushes made of synthetic bristles can just as easily be used to apply foundation, concealer, or lipstick. And if you choose one with handles made of certified wood, even better.


Vegetable oils instead of moisturisers

Certain moisturizers may contain allergenic, irritating or even carcinogenic components. Of course, not all moisturisers do, but that should not prevent you from turning to more natural products to address this problem. Vegetable oils are an ideal solution provided you choose organic, and if possible with a first cold pressing for increased virtues. There is a host of them with various properties but they are generally always nourishing. Avocado, apricot, borage, shea: take your pick. There is even one that you likely already have in your kitchen: olive oil, perfect for body, face and hair.

What about nail polish?

Nail polishes also contain harmful components, but their case is much more complicated because there are very few alternatives to replace them. A growing number of brands are offering organic or natural nail polish, but it's important to be careful regarding the components, and of course, the palettes are not very extensive. The only true solution for the most committed women is to sport natural fingertips.

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