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Everyone is exposed to blue light on a daily basis. You could be watching television, using your phone in bed, or just walking your dog, and you’d ultimately expose your skin to blue light. Fundamentally, blue light is a wavelength primarily emitted by the sun and technological devices.

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While it’s rather accurate to say that blue light is unavoidable, there are ways to prevent the effects of blue light on the skin.

Renowned American dermatologist and skincare expert Dr Dennis Gross said: “Over time, uncontrolled blue light exposure (HEV) has the potential to break down our collagen and lead to premature signs of ageing. This is because uncontrolled, damaging blue light has an unstable charge and operates as a free radical.

“As a result, the blue light acts as a dart, damaging our collagen and causing early-onset signs of aging.”

Some of the ways you can take care of your skin and prevent the damaging effects of blue light include using a physical sunscreen (especially one that contains iron oxides), cutting down on time spent on devices, avoiding sun exposure when possible and more.

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On top of sunscreens, there are plenty of other products that you can incorporate into your skincare routine to minimise the effects of blue light on the skin. Click through the gallery to find out more.

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