Banish the explosive drawers and overstuffed make-up kits, fashion and beauty vlogger Camille Co-Koro shares her advice on how to create the best possible space for your beauty routine

While we may have the classic image of an elegant woman in a silk robe poised with a powder puff and crystal perfume bottles in front of a mirror, getting dolled up is not always as glamorous as one may think. With a plethora of cosmetics and skincare products, most women’s vanity tables look more like a crazy scientist’s laboratory rather than Grace Kelly’s boudoir.

Trade in your messy drawers and ratty makeup cases for a sleeker and more organised set-up dedicated entirely to your prettification. Fashion and beauty vlogger Camille Co-Koro of the Philippines shares with Tatler Philippines her tips on how to optimise your dressing table in order to create the best possible setting for your beauty regimen.

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Natural light

“If you can face it towards the window, that would be best. No matter how good your beauty light is, the light that you get from daylight is the best when putting on makeup and doing your skincare.”

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Warm and white lighting

“Even if your table is by the window, it would still be good to have lights around your mirror because you are not always going to be doing your makeup during the daytime. It always helps if you have a mirror that has a mix of white and warm light. That’s always the best mix when it comes to your skin and also seeing your makeup in its full glory.”

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Acrylic containers

“I feel like acrylic containers are always the best when it comes to your vanity because it is so much easier for you to look for your products. You can see what’s inside right away.”

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Select and store

“You don’t always have to keep all your makeup at arm’s reach. Always just keep whatever you use all the time there so that there is not a lot of clutter around your makeup table. Keep your favourites and the rest can be stored somewhere else.”

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Keep it cool

“It would be nice if you had a beauty fridge that’s near your vanity table. There is a lot of makeup and skincare products that last longer when they’re inside a refrigerator. It’s also nicer and more hygienic when they’re not mixed with your food products. I would definitely recommend putting your Vitamin C serums in the fridge. Anything that has Vitamin C tends to oxidise after a while, especially with this warm weather. You can also keep your beauty rollers and eye cream. I feel like because it is cooler, it can de-puff better. Your nail polish as well, especially if they are starting to clump up. If you stock up on lipstick, you might want to keep them in there as well to make them last longer.”

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