We've put together a list of grooming essentials to level up your self-care routine

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Doers of London Shave Cream

This all-natural, vegan-friendly brand eases the process of shaving with this soft, non-foaming shaving cream that contains organic birch extract, a natural decongestant that relieves inflammation and redness. It also has organic grape seed oil that's great for restoring skin barriers, shea butter that softens, moistens and regenerates skin as well as vetiver and myrrh oil that supports the skin healing process during and after shaving. 

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Hanz De Fuko Claymation

Made with jojoba, castor seed and sunflower oil, the hair styling product moisturises, prevents hair loss, strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Containing all-natural ingredients, this hair styling product is good for your hair while providing all-day nourishment from roots to ends.

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Kiehl's Post Shave Repair Gel

Refresh your skin with a cooling, alcohol-free aftershave gel. This lightweight formula contains 90 per cent aloe vera to nourish and soften skin after shaving. It's also formulated with squalane, a botanical lipid derived from olives known to replenish skin’s barrier, keeping it soft, supple and moisturised.

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Clinique for Men Oil Control Face Wash

This oil-control face wash thoroughly cleanses normal and oily skins while removing excess shine. Your skin will feel fresh, comfortable and hydrated. It also preps your skin for a comfortable shave.

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Aesop Double-Edge Razor

The hand-polished and triple-plated collar has a sturdy handle and a chrome-plated blade head that facilitate an easy shave without causing discomfort or irritation.  

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