The German premium beauty line just opened in Raffles Hotel Singapore's shopping arcade

This isn’t your usual beauty brand. First of all, it was founded in 2004 by someone quite unlikely: Gerd Gerken, a psychotherapist and futurologist, who designs motivational courses for celebrities and business leaders, including Germany’s ex-prime minister Helmut Kohl.

Through his energy therapy and counselling work, Gerken started to explore the world of skincare. That launched a 10-year long experimentation with three scientists, each Nobel Prize laureates in their fields, which resulted in Noesa.

The biggest difference between Noesa and other beauty brands are the two key inventions: Alchemetics and Danadem, which form the foundation of all of Noesa's products. Instead of skincare, Noesa looks at "cell care".

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According to the brand, Alchemetics is a super energy substance required by skin cells, and Danadem is a "carrier" of Alchemetics to the core of cells under the skin. A large percentage of the production process is done by hand, from the harvesting of rare plants that live at high altitudes to the extraction and distillation.  

Its patented cell-care inventions and techniques, rare ingredients and all-natural formulations are the reasons that Noesa is one of the most expensive beauty brands in the world. 

Early this January, the first-ever Noesa boutique, housed in Raffles Hotel Singapore’s shopping arcade, launched. Currently, the most premium range available in Singapore is the Ultimate Reset Serum Set #123—a three-step skincare set that costs $5,200. The brand intends to bring in more products from its higher-end range from October onward. There is also customised skincare and cell care range available for a select group of key customers. 

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The monochromatic store, designed by design studio Produce, opened in January this year and hosted two exclusive sessions for our Tatler friends. Before the boutique was even open, private banker and restaurateur Serene Chua was able to experience Noesa through a range of skincare flown in for her.

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“My first impression of the Noesa products is that they look intelligent. They remind me of lab samples, especially because the entire range is packaged in aluminium bottles,” says Serene. These are her favourite products: 

Tatler Asia
Above Double Moisturizer

Double Moisturizer

Noesa prides itself in its essence series, highlighting it as the most distinctive in its skincare range. There are seven main essences, including the Double Moisturizer, which has been designed to hydrate intensively and repair deep into the muscle floor. While it’s called the Double Moisturizer, it’s used as a serum. The texture feels different from most serums—it’s thin but the skin slurps it up and is almost immediately absorbed into the skin.

“I had some dry patches on my face, as well as redness on the nose. After one and a half weeks of using the Double Moisturizer, the dry patches and redness are gone, my skin tone is evened out. It also mattifies the skin and makes it less oily too,” enthused Serene.  




Skin Hyper Idealizer

“Before applying the Double Moisturizer, I use the Skin Hyper Idealizer to help deepen the absorption of the following of subsequent essence products. It’s convenient as it’s a spray-on, and melts into the skin after you pat it in.”

Used in place of a toner—after cleansing and before a serum—the Skin Hyper Idealizer increases the permeability of active agents.

The Double Moisturizer and Skin Hyper Idealizer are priced at $750 and $580, respectively. 

Tatler Asia
Above Skin Hyper Idealizer

"When it comes to skincare, I look for something simple yet effective. I especially like how Noesa’s Double Moisturizer is both easy to apply and hydrating at the same time," says Serene.

Noesa may be one of the most expensive cosmetics brands in the world, but when it comes down to what women really want from their beauty products, it's pretty straight-forward: natural ingredients, a simple routine, clear results—and Noesa fans agree that the brand delivers on all three counts.  

Noesa | 328 North Bridge Road, #01-23 Raffles Arcade | 9754 6967