We find out what Sally Quah's little secret is to take on the day -- she allows herself little indulgences for pick-me-ups that make all the difference.


If you've ever wondered how Sally Quah takes on her days with a smile that never slips and eyes that never stop twinkling, so have we.

For most, being a mother of two while balancing work, family, friends and meeting one’s own needs is hard enough. On top of being the Financial Controller at Chatime Malaysia, Sally also makes it to be there for each and every one of husband Bryan Loo’s many endeavours while looking good for over 25,000 followers on Instagram.

We found out a small part of her little secret, however – she allows herself little indulgences throughout the day for little pick-me-ups that make all the difference.

A Small Health Boost

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Coffee is the jumpstart of the day for most but Sally opts for a delicious power blend of celery, green apples, cucumber and bitter gourd. “It fills me up (but not too much so I still get to enjoy my favourite breakfasts), gets my digestive system started on the right track and is good for my skin!” she tells. Now we know her secret to her clear skin and long luscious hair.

Some Time with the Little Ones


Nothing makes her happier than spending time with her two daughters, which is why no matter how busy her schedule gets, she makes it a point to have a chat with them. “My favourite time is in the morning when we’re sending them to school. I love hearing about what they’re excited for and what their little plans are when they get back from classes,” she says. “It makes me feel involved in their lives and seeing how happy they are really makes my day.”

A Glass (or Two) of Wine


A big self-professed foodie, Sally goes the extra mile with enjoying her favourite foods. She doesn’t hold back from indulging in that extra glass of wine if it enhances her dining experience. “I love Japanese food, particularly sashimi,” she gushes. “Wine always brings out the flavour of food better so I really like my wine. If it’s Japanese for dinner, sake will definitely be on the menu.”

Never Too Many Shoes


If there is one thing Sally loves more than eating, it’s shopping, an indulgence that sees her making a pilgrimage a few times a year to the many shopping capitals of the world. “I’m a shoe person. I have so many pairs I’ve lost count at home and I keep buying new ones,” she reveals. “I love shoes because they’re really the statement pieces that pull an outfit together. The most mundane outfit can be made extraordinary with the right pair of heels!”

One Secret to Glowing Skin

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Between her travels, mummy duties and being the pillar of strength for her closest and dearest, Sally leaves the pampering and caring of her skin to Decorté. She indulges herself with the Decorté Moisture Liposome Pre-Serum Booster and Liposome Treatment Liquid to take care of her skin with its multi-layer liposome technology that preps her skin to drink in moisture for hours.

Liposomes are multi-layer micro-capsules composed of phospholipids, the chief element of the cell membrane. Given its extremely minute size (Decorté has found a way to encapsulate liposomes measuring only 0.1-0.2 microns in size so it exhibits excellent affinity with the skin cells), it penetrates deep into the skin to deliver continuous and long-lasting hydration. 

It delves  into the unchartered terrains of the keratin layer and, like an onion, peels off its layers one by one to deliver moisturising agents over time instead of hydrating just the surface. It also works as a facilitator and anti-ageing care, triggering the skin's absorption of other products, resulting in clear and youthful skin.

"I have tried many top tier brands but none have worked as well for me as Decorté -- my skin is really smooth and bouncy in the morning and retains its radiance and suppleness throughout the day," she reveals. 

The best things in life are meant to be shared, which is why Sally isn't hesitant to share her indulgence with her best friend, fashion designer Teresa Thian. "We haven't known each other very long but clicked immediately from the moment we met. It started with her clothes -- I love her designs --  and a lot of her ideals and life principles are the same as mine so we hit it off immediately."

She adds, "The most beautiful things in life are those you cannot plan for, but you can always be prepared for it with a little help along the way, like great skin to take on the day and having a good support system to help you through your tough times."

Try out Sally's indulgence by popping by Decorté's counter at Parkson Pavilion (+603 - 2110 5966) to receive a complimentary personalised skin consultation and a trial. 



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