We watch them rock it through the decades, from the 50's all the way to 80's

How do you define a Miu Miu girl? She’s a little bit of an oxymoron: Feminine but boyish, a little defiant, free-spirited and definitely unexpected. She can be serious... but she isn’t afraid to be silly.

The ultimate Miu Miu girl has to be Elle Fanning, who fronts both the brand’s ready-to-wear and fragrance campaign—and here in our Tatler world, both Chloe Choo and jewellery scion Sabrina Ho capture the spirit of the brand.

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Sabrina and Chloe were transformed into the Miu Miu girl from four different decades, each accompanied with a scent of the era. The fragrances come in the iconic matelassé bottle, reflective of the Miu Miu’s distinctive treatment of leather in their bags.

The ’50s

The diner has to be one of the most distinct reminders of the 1950s: checkerboard flooring, milkshakes topped with whipped cream and neon lights. Sabrina transforms into a 50’s Miu Miu girl, devours a burger and gets into the mood that the Miu Miu L’eau Bleue fragrance brings, with fresh notes of lily-of-the-valley, honeysuckle, green foliage and a base of Akigalawood accord. 


The 60’s

Have you met the Miu Miu yé-yé girl? She’s utterly cool, loves her music and magazines. Chloe takes on this role effortlessly, enjoying retro tunes as well as the first-ever Miu Miu fragrance—the Miu Miu Eau de Parfum, with a distinctive floral lily-of-the-valley notes alongside Akigalawood accord and wild roses. 

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The 70’s

Glam and attitude accompany the psychedelic era of disco, and there is no better fragrance than the addictive and hypnotic Miu Miu Twist. Our vivacious party girl Sabrina grooved to notes of bergamot apple blossom and base notes of cedarwood and pink amber.

The 80’s

We love our 80's references, and the Miu Miu Club is filled with cassette tapes and Donkey Kong video games. Chloe in a sequined denim jacket is smitten with the mysterious Miu Miu L’eau Rosée, a welcoming, soft floral scent that evokes lily of the valley, cassis buds, and sophisticated musk.

  • Content DirectionDaphne Chen-Cordeiro
  • VideographyNicola Ng
  • StylingJoey Tan
  • Video EditorNicola Ng
  • Camera CrewJufri Husne, Timothy Koh & Dominic Cheok
  • HairSean Ang, Zhou Aiyi/Makeup Entourage
  • Make-UpZhou Aiyi & Lydia Thong/Makeup Entourage
  • OutfitMiu Miu
  • LocationOvereasy, Straits Clan, Pinball Wizard, Nineteen80