We couldn’t resist giving this ‘ultimate facial experience’ a try at our busiest time, and were more thrilled to take it home in a limited edition Synactif coffret exclusive kit.

Festive treat

The holiday season is a race against time: From Christmas shopping and party hopping, to tying up loose ends at work there’s barely time to unwind. If you’re looking for quick pick-me-up to welcome the festivities, drop your bags and plans for this Clé de Peau Beauté has a Synactif Intensive Facial Treatment that takes approximately 55-minutes. 

We entered into another dimension of bliss as soon as we lay our heads down in the Clé de Peau Beauté facial cabin of Isetan Suria KLCC. This is how we restored our dewy complexion for the festive season, with the help of the purifying and brightening Synactif Intensive Facial Treatment.

A tranquil headstart

Only certified Synactif aestheticians can perform the facial, trained in the power of touch, with expertise in the new, lymphatic-stimulating Cool Plates technology. The power of sound played a part in optimising the treatment too, coupled with a rose Synactif fragrance diffused in the air. A rhythmic trio of piano, cello and violin soothes the senses, bolstering the deep purification of skin. The facial began on a tranquil note.

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A deep cleanse

All trace of makeup and impurities were gently removed with the Synactif cleansing cream. This followed with a deep cleansing Synactif purifying water to further release sebum and dirt. Skin entered into a relaxed state with the softening Synactif lotion, a feathery-light texture that imparting an overall moisturising and brightening effect.

Healing massages

The next step is an exclusive brightening lotion mask treatment absorbed by the skin. 24ml of lotion nourishes skin through a mask. A thermal plate aids in maximising skincare benefits, as it gently rolls all over skin, a movement that detoxes and prepares skin for a warming mask to follow. Completely relaxed by now, the therapist’s fingers skillfully knead the Synactif massage cream to encourage blood circulation. Deft fingers stroke outward as they dance across the face, applying pressure at the neck and ears. Warm thermal plates lend soothing strokes to the skin, relieving toxins from within.

A nourishing dose of purification

The next step supplements the purification process in yet another relaxing treatment. A generous dose of Synactif cream is spread over the face and enveloped by a sheet of mask. Although designed to purify and discharge skin from toxins, this procedure is incredibly nourishing too, bestowing facial contours with a healthy radiance. 

Cooling and soothing

A gentle and refreshing massage applied via cool plates will rouse your senses. This not only closes pores and locks in the treatment’s benefits; it also facilitates in the lymphatic flow. With a ground stick against my palm, a gentle wave of stimulating, micro currents sent waves of energy within my body.

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Smooth as velvet

The facial concluded with a moisturiser that engulfed the complexion with a supple and smooth finish. Lymph nodes on the face and neck were the focus of the aesthetician, as she lathered on the velvety texture.

Best things come to an end… but this continues

Energised and magically rested after the invigorating session, I had never felt more ready to head back to the grind. The good news is that this very complexion can be a long-lasting gift yourself or a friend, through a five-step Synactif coffret exclusive kit. Housed in a Tamatebako lacquerware box, the kit consists of soap, lotion, daytime and nighttime moisturisers, cream and rose Synactif eau de parfum, to accompany you as you reset over the holidays. 

The Synactif Intensive Facial Brightening treatment is available exclusively in Isetan KLCC, Parkson Pavilion KL and Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang. The Synactif coffret exclusive kit is available for a limited time throughout the autumn/winter 2017 season. For more information, visit www.cledepeau-beaute.com.

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