We head to the Clarins Spa in Causeway Bay to try out the new Melting Honey Deep Touch Massage

The Hennessy Road crossing in front of Sogo in Causeway Bay must be one of the busiest in the world, yet did you know that a number of day spas are located in one building right in the heart of all the craziness? The upper floors of Sogo building above the Japanese department store are home to a number of spas and treatment centres, including Borghese, SK-II and Ultima. Sharing the same floor as Sisley is the recently renovated Clarins spa, where we headed one sweltering afternoon to test out their Melting Honey Deep Touch Massage.

Clarins was founded in 1954 by Jacques Courtin-Clarins, a medical student and its medical heritage can still be felt, as the spa feels more clinical than a traditional beauty spa. The therapists are dressed in white coats and before the treatment begins, each product is introduced in detail. There are no feet soaks here: rather, we are given the option of showering before lowering ourselves onto the massage table.

The therapist then starts with the sole of the foot, massaging upwards with special gel with the texture of honey, which turns into a warm oil once it hits your skin. For this particular treatment, guests are asked to choose between using a product called Tonic, and another called Relax. “If you’re looking to go out on the town after your massage, go for Tonic. If you are in need of a good night’s sleep, choose Relax”, our therapist advised. As we had planned to go for a swim after and didn’t want to drown by falling asleep, we opted for Tonic, which contains hits of citrus aromatic notes.

The Melting Honey Deep Touch Massage uses a combination of Western and Chinese massage techniques, especially the one known as tui na. This uses the Taoist principle of digging into the area between the joints to release blocked energy and get it flowing back into the muscles. It can be painful, especially if you have tired muscles, but the pain is worth it as we definitely felt much more limber afterwards. Another technique we especially enjoyed was the use of the therapist’s forearms as a massage tool, which has the effect of feeling like you have soft rolling pins unkneading your aches and pains. Although the treatment is only 60 minutes long, the combination of the warm massage oil and heated bed is so relaxing that it feels much longer and more decadent than a mere hour.

As we get dressed and prepared ourselves to face the hectic world outside once more, there was one last stop to make. Clarins has a make-up room, equipped with their line of cosmetics, which guests are can make use of if they have forgotten to bring their own lipstick or eyeliner. Even if you’re not a regular user of Clarins make-up, this is an undeniable perk and attraction for those of us who love trying out new products.

Next time you’re driven mad by the frenzy that is Causeway Bay and have an hour to spare, an hour spent at the Clarins Spa will do much to restore your sanity. An added bonus is that not only will you feel more relaxed, but the honey massage oil will also leave a noticeably soft glow on your skin, leaving a halo of tranquillity that is both mental and physical.

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