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Discover the miracle regenerating serum with Jenn Low, Suhaili Micheline and Kavita Sidhu

Above Jenn Low, Suhaili Micheline and Kavita Sidhu for La Mer

Since the launch of La Mer's original serum 10 years ago, the miracle serum beloved by thousands has been continuously re-engineered and reimagined by the brand. We got Jenn Low, Suhaili Micheline and Kavita Sidhu together to help us decode the power of the newly improved serum through their lenses, life experiences and skincare ritual.


The serum is one of the most powerful tools to achieve instant and long-lasting results. La Mer's new regenerating serum is a supercharger that empowers inner and outer beauty in a single pump. Inspired by the sea and the power of marine plants, it has been fortified with ingredients that boost the development of natural collagen, rejuvenates skin, diminishes lines and improves vitality to reveal healthier, youthful-looking skin.

The founder of Wanderlust + Co, Jenn low loves the hydrating prowess of the La Mer serum so much that she uses it on daily.  As a busy entrepreneur and mother of two, she doesn't have much time to spend on skincare so sticking to products that are efficient is important. The lime tea concentrate, a powerful anti-oxidant, revitalises her skin instantly, which helps maintain her youthful complexion. 

With my busy schedule, I often don’t get enough sleep. It’s super important that my skin stays hydrated and I find that the serum has a nice hydrating quality that leaves my skin feeling refreshed.
Jenn Low
Embrace the fact that your skin changes as you grow older but also to understand that there are ways to renew the skin.
Suhaili Micheline

As a dancer and the principal of Aurora Dance School, Suhaili Micheline believes that each new day is a new opportunity to improve oneself. After a full day at work, she likes to apply the new regenerating serum because it gives her skin a boost of energy and renews her inner beauty's metabolism. It's the revitalisation she needs before the start of another hectic day. 



Kavita Sidhu is an industry veteran who is still going strong. She believes that self-care is self-love, and that it is important to love yourself. And she's grateful that she has this potent serum to accompany her on this journey. Formulated with concentrated plant stem-cell ingredients, glutathione and niacinamide that boost natural collagen to rapidly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, the serum acts as a layer of protection on Kavitha's skin. 

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We have to embrace our age and not let it define us in any way.
Kavita Sidhu
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